My 5e D&D Campaign

So, this is the top level page for my current 5e D&D campaign – set in my long-running campaign world of the Seven Realms. For those of you who are interested, here are links to solid background information on the campaign setting – the Houserules & Modifications page holds links to some of the specific game mechanics around races and classes and there is a page for make-up of the current adventuring party.

I can trace elements of my campaign world back to my earliest games of AD&D. While I have certainly hopped around to other published settings (or simply adopted them as areas of my own world), it is Uerth that I have returned to over and over again, used both for D&D and other games systems as well.

First, I do have a series of posts that lay out the history, cosmology, and mythic history of the setting:

The Primordial Era     The Antediluvian Era     The Ancient Era     The Classical Era     The Modern Era

I also have a post that mentions the various campaigns I’ve run over the years. There is also a post that describes in at least a small bit the differences in my campaign from a “standard” D&D fantasy setting when looking at things like monsters and humanoid races as well as how travelling to the Shadowlands effects people. I also have a post about the major (and some of the minor) Factions that exist in this campaign setting.

There are a series of posts about coinage and banking:

Coins & Currencies     More Numismatics     Moneylending & Banking

In addition to a small overview of the various different religions seen across Uerth. There are specific posts about those different religions.

The Church of the Lords of Light: Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6

The En Khoda Theos Kirk  (Great Elemental Dragons) Part 1     Part 2

The Heptarchy aka Lady Night, the Perihelion, and the Perilune

(I’ll add more for other religions as needed, I’m also currently working on the the Old Faith of the Druids unless someone needed something else first – though a discussion of the Goblin Court is a possibility as well.)

I also have a series of posts discussing the various languages that can be found in my campaign world, including an overview of the mechanics I use when translating, disguising, or otherwise trying to communicate.

Westron Family     Casta Family     Thulian Family     Khoisa Family     Independent Languages

Cants & Argots     Scholarly & Extinct Languages     Religious Languages

Nonhuman Languages     Magical Languages

There are a collection of old posts having to do with a variety of topics, but I’m waiting to post them here until I can review them for accuracy in the 5e setting (and different place in history that the Siyahchal Campaign holds).

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