Current 5E Characters & Campaigns

The Siyahchal Campaign – Set in the lands surrounding the great city of Silverveil, this campaign incorporates characters and themes from the previous Mystryvven Campaign along with new characters (to serve as a test-bed for the 5e rules).

It is starting off with the characters helping the Rockseeker brothers in their quest for the Lost Mine of Phandelver, but the party discovered a hidden oubliette in the long lost Citadel of Seven Towers and were warned by the Maiden of Storms of a coming Age of Worms. Dealing with the brigands and goblins that plagued Phandalin the party next became involved in the epic pursuit of an evil cult that, hoping to advance the coming of the Age of Worms in some way, stole the remains of the Forgotten King and his companions from their tomb in Kingsholm. The chase took them from the hidden catacombs in Kingsholm, to the city of Pedestal in the Great Realm of the Shadowlands, and finally to a cult fortress of the cult somewhere in the Jungles of Ith where they destroyed the physical form of the Reborn King before he could fully manifest.

After a temporary respite the party decided to help Lord Devon, who had been tasked by his brother to rebuild the hunting lodge in Phandalin. Idle had also been tasked by her Ancestor Spirits to help reclaim the Forge of Spells, also knowing that there was a chance to uncover more of the dwarves lore she is in search of. Leading the party to Wave Echo Mine, the party was began to explore it – unfortunately coming across another group that was already engaged in a similar search. The combat was quick, and relatively brutal, and the party found the themselves if not outclassed, at the very least outfought. After a truce, both groups met in Diamond Lake where the others, led by the half-elf Asterith Morlarren and his companion, the wizard Shae Kill, produced a letter asserting their right to explore the mine – signed by the sole remaining Rockseeker brother.

Stymied, and shaken somewhat by the apparent defection of Dhagri to the other group, the party has now taken up the investigation of the Whispering Cairn in the belief that it will provide more clues to averting the Age of Worms. There they discovered the ancient tomb of one of the Wind Dukes of the Antediluvian Era, exploring the tomb revealed a number of ancient secrets, but the party was soon drawn into danger by fears of a cult hiding in plain sight in Diamond Lake. Deep in one of the mines they found a terrible secret, an ancient temple or shrine marked with the sigil of the Thrice-Cursed Himself, Illhiedrin. Under the authority of Lord Devin, the company rooted out the minions of the cult and their leaders, bringing a level of safety to the lands that had not been seen in at least a generation.

After their trials in Diamond Lake, the party scattered across the Heartlands for a brace of years, hoping that they averted the Age of Worms. Recently they have gathered together once more, the signs and portents pointing to the threat of the Age of Worms rising once again. Discovering a plot to infect a local tribe of lizardmen with horrible Kyuss worms, they have recovered tomes and papers from a long hidden demi-realm thought to have been created by the Thrice-Cursed himself, Illhiedrin. After a series of attacks on Sir Devon by assassins, the party discovered evidence that the King’s Champion was behind the attempts. Unfortunately, they were distracted during travel to the capitol and found themselves tasked by the legendary Witches Three to take a rune-scribed barrel to their goddaughter, the equally legendary Morganna La Fey and traverse the legendary Elphame Forest, the site of her hidden fortress.

Upon completing that task, the group continued on towards the capitol, running afoul of the Ebon Triad in multiple ways. They were attacked by one of the legendary Knights of Dearth, who while they managed to banish still slew many innocents during the battle. They also discovered that their companion Dhagri Trollslayer had been accused, tried in abstentia, convicted, and sentenced to death for the slaughter of the Lord Maurice de Chancer, his family, and his entire household staff. Dhagri begrudgingly explained that while he had led a warband to finally avenge the loss of his mercenary company they had already found the manor sacked and the folk slaughtered. Certain that this was further evidence of the machinations of the Ebon Triad, the group determined to try and arrange for Dhagri to join the Black Watch of the High Lord of the Shadowlands in order to avoid sentence. Despite their best efforts, which including making contact with the Consul of the High Lord in the Capitol, the party was unable to prevent Dhagri from being taken into custody – where he was infected by an assassin of the Ebon Triad with the dreaded Kyuss Worms and he succumbed to their vile nature before his remains were destroyed by the Lady Ta’sara.

Fleeing the Capitol after Lord Devin was declared a traitor by the Kink’s Champion and a warrant was issued for his arrest, the party made their way back towards Diamond Lake in order to see to Devin’s bride as well as investigate rumors that the Cult of the Ebon Triad was taking renewed interest in the Whispering Cairn. Fearful that the Cult had discovered some weapon left over from the great war between the Wind Dukes of Aaqa and the Queen of Chaos, they made their way to the Cairn only to face the Half-Dragon Ilthane in a dire and fateful battle who ripped Lord Devin asunder before being brought low a fateful stroke from the Vajra Jarvik after the combined efforts of the entire group. After a short service for their slain comrade, and witnessing his entry into the ranks of the Elect, the party took of stock of their situation as well as their new member. Entering the Cairn, the group now searches a new area for their old friend Allustan, unsure of what the future holds…


 Player KR:

–Lady Ta’sara “Tas” Mystraven – TN – Half-Elf (F) – Druid (Circle of the Forest) / Wizard (School of Enchantment) – 12th (7th/5th) – HP: 75 – The daughter of one of the more high-bred branches of the Mystraven family, Tasara’s is equally fascinated by magic and the beauty of nature. Her own nature, the daughter of disgraced noble from Silverveil, may lead her into the same sorts of troubles that his nature brought him to.

—- Familiar (Ta’sara): Elba – N – Faeflame – HD12 – HP: ??

—- Animal Companion (Ta’sara): Havoc – N – Wolf – HD12 – HP: ??

–Gwynneth – NG – High Elf (F) – Sorcerer (Stormborn Bloodline) – 10th – HP: 66 – Lost out of time since the before the Wars of Binding, Gwynneth recently found herself in the Mortal Realms. Blood seething with wild magic, Gwynneth is a noble of a noble race and still cannot keep quiet the curiosity about the new world around her – nor the truth behind the secrets that surround her past…

—–Henchman (Gwynneth): Aneirin E’lin – NG – High Elf – Paladin – 5th – HP: 43 – As a member of the Swords of Dawn Aneirin is one of the E’lin, the Elect who are the hands, eyes, and voice of the Primordial Faerie. Called for a purpose he does not yet understand, all Aneirin knows is that for the moment he needs to accompany Gwyneth and aid her in those trials that lay before her.

Player KT:

–Ilde – LG – Dwimmervolk (F) – Bard (College of Valor) – 11th -HP: 73 –  A proud member of the Dwarven Skald-Gild, Ilda has the wanderlust and talehunger that takes so many of her peers. So she has taken to the road to seek out adventure and search out the lost secrets of the her kin, and any other that she might uncover – in particular the Lay of Balin, a mostly lost clan saga that promises rich reward for those that uncover it’s secrets.

Player MS:

–Kyber “The Weasel” Cog – NG – Common Man – Fighter (Gunslinger) – 4th – HP: 27 – A smuggler caught up in the plots of the Cult of the Ebon Triad, Kyber lost his entire crew to an infestation of Kyuss Worms and was then captured by the cult to use as experimental subject. The party inadvertently rescued him, and he has pledged himself to oppose the coming of the Age of Worms.

Player KS:

–Morgren – TN – Common Man/Werebear – Berserker (Bear Totem Warrior) – 4rd – HP: ?? – Struggling against his bloodthirsty rage, Morgren has lived alone in the woods, apart from his Hillfolk kin, afraid of what might happen if he lost control. Further plagued by dark visions brought about by the Bear Spirit, Morgren has sought out the party to help avert the Age of Worms.

Player DM:

–Dorje Jarvic – CN – Common Man – Cleric (Domain of Air) / Monk – 10th (8th/2nd) – HP: 64 – A Dorje of the En Khoda Theos Kirk, Jarvic’s family were slaves that escaped from their Ithian merchant masters and hid in the wilderness of the Avalonian Heartlands. Now he wanders the land exploring the Mystery that is the Great Dragon of the Air, blessed and haunted by a recent vision of the Maiden of Storms – whose touch has marked him as a Vajra of the Great Dragon of the Air. Trained as a warrior-monk by one of the mysterious dragonborn, he has rejoined the party again as they venture against the cults attempting to bring about the Age of Worms.


–Gifford the Goat – Unaligned – Billy Goat – Fighter (Champion) – 11th – HP: 130 – Having joined the party when they were tasked by the Witch’s Three with taking the mysterious cask to their goddaughter, Morganna La Fey, Gifford has proven himself to be a wise and stout companion.

Currently Offstage…

Player TW:

–Greyleaf – CN – Half-Elf – Sorcerer (Wild Magic Bloodline)/Rogue (Thief Archtype) – 10th (5th/5th) – HP: ?? – An old companion of both Frater Nikolai and the mage Kyril, Greyleaf has unknown origins and a overriding desire to “stay out of the limelight” even if that seems to be something that he is incapable of – mostly due to his love of drink, wenches, gambling, and the good life.

Player KR:

–Frater Nikolai – LG – Human – Cleric (Order Militant) / Luminous Order (Prestige) – 9th (6th/3rd) – HP: 75 – Frater Nikolai is a senior member of the Order of Sc. Constantine and well-respected for both his experience in matters beyond those of most men and his pragmatism in dealing with the strange and unnatural. He is one of the few individuals left who follow the practice of the Order Luminous, and exceedingly mystical tradition within the Society of Light, and has friends and allies in areas that most would never expect…

Player MR

–“Tier” – NG – Grey Elf – Paladin (Oath of ???)/Fighter (Eldritch Knight) – 11th (6th/5th) – HP: 121 – Once an uncommon mercenary, Tier is now a member of the mysterious Sabean Order of the Society of Light. At one time a slave of the Lord of Hali in the Shadowlands, he won his freedom in the dreaded Arena of Khazan. Instructed by his mysterious superiors to join with the company to avert the coming Age of Worms, Tier is dedicated to preventing this from occurring.

–Bran Mystraven – NG – Half-Elf – Ranger (Beastmaster Archtype) – 7th – HP: 56 – Cousin to both Ta’sara and Rhys, he was quick to respond to the news of Rhys’ disappearance. Mainly comfortable in the woods, Bran has misgivings over the amount of time the group seems to spend in mines, tombs, and towns…

—–Companion of Bran: Scaelong – Hunting Dog – HD: 7 – HP: 35

Player DM:

–Misset Al’Namat – NG – Common Man – Warlock (Fiend Patron and Pact of the Tome) – 5th – HP: 28 Formerly of Kistath, Misset is plagued by a debt he owes, but doesn’t know it, an eldritch tome he can’t get rid of, and mysterious instructions that have dire consequences if he doesn’t follow them. A scholar in his own right, Misset is unsure what this “Age of Worms” is but he agrees that it can’t possibly be good…

Player KS:

–Jayne – N – Common Man (F) – Fighter (Champion Archtype) – 5th – HP: 37 – Formerly a bouncer at the house where Devon’s wife had once worked, Jayne retreated to Diamond Lake after a encounter gone badly with Lord Fairwourth and his entourage. She joined the party after he fortunes continued to sour, despite the slight misgivings of Lord Devon. 


Rhys Ravensworn – NG – Half-Elf – Rogue (Assassin)/Fighter (Eldritch Knight) – 14th (7th/7th) – HP: 135 – While good hearted, the past two years have turned Rhys grim and even callous at times. His service to the Necromancer has come at a cost, and he has travelled far in both body and spirit, delving deep into mysterious and often forbidden lore. Ultimately, it is his loyalty to his family and friends that has brought him back, and the knowledge of what may happen if the company fails drives him forward when the way is dark.

—-Familiar (Rhys): Lockheed – Dragonet Ghost – 14HD – HP: 68

–Kyril Whiteflame d’Amber – TN – High Man – Wizard (School of Evocation) – 14th – HP: 94 – “I was born with a caul at a crossroads in a ford to woman who her breathed her last breath before I breathed my first. No man claimed me, no woman wanted me and so I passed into the hands of the Twilight Court where I drank deep of both power and mystery.”

—-Familiar (Kyril): Fafnir – Dragonet – 14 HD – HP: 56

–Leera Scornbul – CN – Half-Elf – Bard (College of Lore) – 6th – HP: 34 – Coming from a solidly middle-class background, Leera attended the University at Navarre and has a solid background as a researcher. Always interested in history and lore, she has been horrified to have been duped into helping (even in a minor way) those who wish to bring about the dreaded Age of Worms. Given a second chance, she is dedicated to preventing this dire event from ever taking place.   

–Lord Angelo – “Blandly Good” – Common Man – Rogue (Swashbuckler) – 5th – HP: 40 – A close friend of Lord Devon, Angelo is might have been the person who helped Devon unite with his not-very-blushing bride. Despite this, the two get along well and when Devon and his wife travelled to Phandalin he was happy to accompany them – at least until he got his boots muddy and ran out of brandy…

Passed On…

Player MR:

–Fonkin Shadowless – CG – Gnome Shade- Warlock (Shadow King Patron & Pact of the Blade) / Sorcerer (Shadowed Bloodline) – 7th (5th/2nd = ??) – HP: 52 – A merchant born of merchants, Fonkin is a dues-paying member of the Cartel (the Merchant’s Guild). That said, he spends less time trading and more time gambling – at least until he was lost a game with the Prince of Fools (an Archfey Patron). Marked by his time the Shadowlands, he carries a part of it with now, and his presence is disquieting to many – and after a recent attack by wraiths his spirit has fled to the Shadowlands and the embrace of the Shadow King.

 —–Henchman of Fonkin: Wrenn Tosscobble – CG – Gnome – Rogue (Scout Archtype) – 3rd – HP: 22 – The down-on-his-luck cousin of Fonkin, Wrenn came from much humbler origins and, much to the disgrace of his family and despite a fundamentally good heart, made a living on the wrong side of the law as a bandit. He died in the Shadowlands, the victim of the relentless presence of the nearby Realm of the Dead.

Player KS:

–Dagri Trollslayer – CN – Khazan – Barbarian (Path of the Berserker) – 9th – HP: 127 – A former mercenary scout, Dagri was a savage but young warrior who was proud of the threat that he posed in battle – disrespect of his prowess quickly drove him into a killing rage. Having struck the killing blows against two hill trolls in his first battle with the party, Dagri gained the respect of the group. Finding acceptance with those who might have normally spurned him because of his heritage, that was lost when he left the group to pursue his vengeance against the noble who betrayed his mercenary company – at the urging the Sendak Mournblade, an evil Khazan champion that they had recently fought. Returning at the behest of Rhys to bring them news of the Ebon Triad, Dagri rejoined the party, though not without some level of distrust remaining and was quickly found to have been tried in abstentia for the slaughter of the noble family he had sought vengeance against. He was poisoned by with the horrible Kyuss worms while in the King’s custody and succumbed to horrible death.

Player MS:

–Sir Devon Tresendar, Knight of the Order Triumphant, the Baronet Sanc Ang – NG – Common Man – Fighter (Battle Master) – 10th – HP: 92 – The younger brother of Baron Tresendar, an impoverished noble, Devin triumphed beyond his origins having been granted Lordship over the town of Diamond Lake and it’s environs in reward for his unswerving defense of the kingdom. Bearer of the legendary blade Merthuvial, he ruled side-by-side with his wife, Sabria, but struggled to adjust to being wealthier and having more responsibilities than he had at any other time in his life. He was slain by the Half-Dragon Ithane outside the Whispering Cairn after fleeing accusations of treason. Upon his death he was raised to the ranks of the Elect.




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