Casta Family of Languages

Overview of Language Mechanics

The Casta Family: The languages of the Casta family are found in the Petty Kingdoms as well as the Heartlands east of the Old Realm of Albion. While etymologically different from the languages of the Westron family, they are also a distant descendant of the Istarian language (DC25 to understand) and use the Istarian alphabet. As a whole the language is more lyrical than Westron and shows some clear influences from Khoisa in the distant past, or perhaps Hill Speech.

  • Southron: Spoken almost entirely in the Petty Kingdoms, and has a number of dialects depending upon which country the individual is from. There are increased influences from Kistathian and Hordic in some areas, and Ti-Ann in others. Much like Westron it is a difficult language to learn new. (S)
  • Casta: Now a language almost only used entirely by scholars, but also found cultivated by a few old families and isolated settlements. Casta is derived from Istarian (DC15 to understand) and gave birth to both Southron and Castalan (DC10 to understand). It was strongly influenced by Old Kistathian and Old Sautani (DC25 to understand). It has not been used, for the most part, since the time of the early Interregum. (S)
  • Castalan: Spoken in some portions of the Petty Kingdoms but mostly in the environs of country of Cathalia and its vassal states east of Albion, Castalan is a formal language with much in common with Southron but more influenced by Westron and Sautani. It is often spoken by some the nobility of the Petty Kingdoms in addition to Southron and is generally seen as more refined. (S)
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