Old Characters and Campaigns (1E AD&D)

The Mystraven Campaign – This is last campaign, it is set around the adventures of beginning characters who are all members of the tudarin Mystraven Clan, one of the more important families of the small but important (and independent) Kingdom of Silverveil.

Player KR:

Tasara Mystraven – TN – Tudarin (F) – Druid/Mage – 3/3 – HP: 27 – The daughter of one of the more high-bred branches of the family, Tasara’s is equally fascinated by magic and the beauty of nature. Her own nature, the daughter of disgraced noble from Silverveil, may lead her into the same sorts of troubles that his nature brought him to.

—–Familiar: Elb – Faerie – 3HD – HP: 14

Player KT:

Denna Mystraven – NG – Tudarin (F) – Ranger/Mage – 3/3 – HP: 20 – Always wanting to adventure, Denna is the daughter of a renowned pair of smiths (one blades, the other armor) who equipped her well for such a life. Brave, and skilled with a bow, Denna, Bran, and Tasara have known each other for years due to their closely related studies.

—–Familiar: Blaise – Elven Hawk – 1-1HD – HP: 6

Player MR:

Bran Mystraven – NG – Tudarin – Ranger – 4 – HP: 35 – Minor Psychic – More focused than his friends, Bran was led to the life of a ranger by his own nature. The son of druid, he is privy to some minor orizens that he learned at his fathers knee, but doesn’t much use for magic as it stands at the moment – more interested in a good hunt and an ale than studying books by candlelight.

—–Companion Beast: Scaelong – Hunting Dog – 2+2HD – HP: 14


Rhys Mystraven – NG – Tudarin – Fighter/Mage/Rogue – 3/3/3 – HP: 32 – A common member of the clan, Rhys’ family are mercenaries and while he doesn’t advertise it, his training is as some might call a “commando” and others might euphemistically phrase as a “direct action specialist”. Despite the somewhat sordid truth of his training, Rhys has a good heart and is well-intentioned, always loyal to family and friends.

—–Familiar: Lockheed – Dragonet – HD: 2 – HP: 14

Andreas Mystraven – NG – Tudarin – Bard – 3rd – HP 16 – Hopeful like all young bards are, desirous of uncovering lost lore and writing songs of heroes old and new, Andreas was sent by the clan to aid the group when the stumbled across the old Shattered Circle and it’s hidden complex underneath.

Kyril Whiteflame d’Amber– TN – High Man – Mage (Warlock) – 3rd (3rd) – HP: 46 – Psychic – “I was born with a caul at a crossroads in a ford to woman who her breathed her last breath before I breathed my first. No man claimed me, no woman wanted me and so I passed into the hands of the Twilight Court.” Once a more powerful mage Kyril has lost much of his power, though the reasons for this are unclear.

——Familiar: Fafnir – Dragonet – 3+ HD – HP: 25


The Aquitaine Campaign – The last campaign, after a transition from the Barrow Downs campaign. In the escape from Castle Amber the characters were transported away from the Barrow Downs in both time and space, to the realm of Old Aquitaine, an island refuge from a mainland that has been devastated by some Cataclysm in the distant past.

Player KR:

Karin Shadowborn – TN – Sh’Dai (F) – Duelist/Witch/Tantric-Assassin – 5/5/5 – HP: 56 – Psychic – An earthy and passionate young woman who was born human generations ago before being lost in the Maelstrom she has now finally returned to Mortal Realms. Now transformed into the feral beauty of the sh’dai by will of the Unborn, she now searches, waking and dreaming, for the meaning behind the murmurs that fill her ears, wherever they may be found.

——Familiar: Eleilu – Guardian Spirit – 3 HD – HP: 22

——Henchman: Byrne Harrowson – LE – Sh’Dai – Cavalier-Champion – 3rd – HP: 41 – A taciturn warrior for the city of Harrow, he has taken service with the Witch Karin at the bidding of the Unborn.  

——Henchman: Lise – CN – Human (F) – Tantric -3rd – HP: 15 – Once a servant in the household of Dom Argent of T’zarr, Lise has happily followed her lady, Karin, ever since they both left his service. 

Player MR:

–‘Tier’ – NG – Grey Elf – Champion/Mage – 6/6 – HP: 57 – Minor Psychic – Quite the mystery, the group doesn’t believe his tales of his exploits in the Shadowlands – nor do they really appreciate just the superhuman changes that have been wrought upon his body and spirit in the process. Now a member of the secretive Sabean Order, Tier has gone far beyond the mercenary spellsword that he started his adventuring career as.

Player KT:

Mika – CN – Human (F) – Thief – 8th – HP: 49 – Typical in many ways of her class, Mika is quite concerned with “stuff” and making sure that she gets her due. She is also generally quite willing to risk a fair amount in the order to get it. Once male, Mika was transformed into a female by a strange magical obelisk the party discovered deep in an abandoned tomb and has adapted well.

Katalyn – TN – Human (F) – Duelist (Timelord) – 3rd (6th) – HP: 54 – Under the watchful eye of Grandmaster Valentin, Katalyn is a typical lower-ranked member of the Delian Order. She is a solitary agent in the third front of the War Without End, a pilgrim of the Deep Time, ever watchful for the depredations of legendary Ichnuemon Vorre…

Player SS:

– la’Rawnse – LN – Human – Champion (Scout) – 1st (1st) – HP: 11 – A Champion of the Great Dragon of the Earth.

Player KB:

Ketzl Silvermoraine – CN – Gnome – Illusionist/Thief – 6/6 – HP: 24 – The somewhat wayward son of the noble house of Silvermoraine,  Ketzl has studied the Faerie magic of the Gnomes with the elders of his family even if he doesn’t quite live up to all of the ideals of his family. Ketzl is quite the rogue and enjoys his creature comforts, much prefering a more urban setting than the party is currently inhabiting. He seems to grant the party some loyalty, or at least recognizes his own self-interest in keeping them friendly and trusting.

Player CB:

Sorer Isabella – LG – Half-Elf – Cleric/Mage – 6/6 – HP: 42 – Sorer Isabella is a Lightbringer of the Order of Sc. Thrace who also studied with mages of the Order of Lord Sc. Ratziel. Much like Brother Gregor, Sorer Isabella has been instructed to travel with Frater Nikolai and help him with his mission. Never in her wildest imaginations would her journeys have taken to here she is now.

——Familiar: Amun – LG – Sunhawk – 2+ HD – HP: 16

Player MS:

Andre – NG – Human – Fighter – 1st – HP: 10


The Inactive List – The list of PCs (and NPCs) who have been a part of either group but which are not currently involved in adventuring with either group any more. This could be because the player has to take a break, or just simply because they’ve been “rotated out” for some reason.

Player KB:

Caelas – LG – Gnome – Ranger/Scout – 4/5 – HP: 34

Player KR:

Frater Nikolai – LG – Human -Cleric (Fighter) – 7th (1st) – HP: 47 – Generally seen as the leader of the party by outsiders due to his noble upbringing and his status as a Lightbringer of the Order of Sc. Constantine. Frater Nikolai is quite aware of the differing factions within the party and while devout is also pragmatic and makes a point of building consensus rather than dictating action.

——Henchman: Khemais – NG – Human – Healer (Duelist) – 1st (1st) – HP: 12

——Henchman: Bjarte – CG – Human – Archer-Ranger – 1st – HP: 18

Brother Illya – LG – High Man – Psionicist/Warrior-Monk – 6/5 – HP: 51 – Well-liked by almost everyone who knows him, Brother Illya is a classic example of the wandering Endorian Warrior-Monk, out to explore the world beyond the walls of the Endorn Monestary. His psychic abilities only enhance and increase his abilities as a warrior-monk, and he is looking for new challenges to test himself against.

Player KT:

Vesna – NG – Human (F) – Mage – 8th – HP: 28 – Vesna is basically good-hearted, in some ways quite the opposite of the common stereotype of the mage. That said, she has just as strong a drive to master and uncover new spells as any other mage, just perhaps without quite the heartless or mercenary techniques – though she often seems to require more study to do so than other mages do.

——Familiar: Bran – N(G) – Raven – 1+ HD – HP: 12

Player TW:

Greyleaf – CN – Half-Elven – Sorcerer/Thief – 2/3 – Psychic – HP: 8+ – A mysterious half-elf with a curious bloodline and heritage, Greyleaf evidently has some connection to the Maelstrom but he has no clear momories of much of anything prior to issuing forth from some sort of magical prison. Good-natured, he fits in well with the rest of the rogues and is doing his best to find a place to fit in.

Player CW:

Jezebel – NG – Half-Elven (F) – Ranger/Druid – 3/4 – HP: 30+ – Raised by her human mother, Jazabel has a dislike for elves in general. Quite proud of her looks, she is clearly jealous of women who are more attractive. She is also quite charismatic and is one of those people who is simply well-liked no matter what. But she is a devout member of the Old Faith, and takes her responsibilities seriously. 

——Animal Companion (via Animal Friendship): Vita – N – Hawk – HP: 6

——Animal Companion (via Animal Friendship): Muerte – N – Hawk – HP: 6

Player MR:

Taloth Drakeslayer – NG – Human – Archer-Ranger – 6th – HP: 63 – A quiet man, Taloth is a dedicated archer and woodsman, having trained under the famous ranger, Niall Keeneye. If his star was not already rising after slaying the Firedrake of Chessex Peak, he has recently become the bearer of the Heartbow, Kel, upon the death of his mentor and friend Niall.

Player MS:

Frater Gregor of the Blood of Amber – LG – Human – Fighter Champion (Thief) – 6th (1st) – HP: 44 – A paladin of the Order of Sc. Constantine, Brother Gregor comes from very humble origins that he never mentions and wishes that he could forget. Unfortunately, his ability to move within his new social class is hampered by a basic inability to dress himself appropriately and use a fork, something Frater Nikolai continues to try to help him with. Most recently, Frater Gregor has lost his paladin-status (hopefully) temporarily due to a dire encounter in a evil Temple…

Player SS:

Valdamir Gwion – NG – Human – Bard – 7th – HP: 37 – A newly minted bard doing his “senior project” with the band, Gwion is quite aware that he is not a warrior and acts accordingly. Suspicious of the rogues, but accepting of both the party members that follow the Old  Faith as well as the members of the Society of Light, Gwion is hoping that the group will provide him a steady stream of material for new songs and ballads.


Gryphon – CN – Dwarf – Fighter/Thief – 7/8 – HP: 72 – Psychic – Well-liked by the party, Gryphon is a relatively cosmompolitan Dwarf who doesn’t have much to do with his kin due to his psychic abilities. Quite skilled as a warrior, he also has the heart and soul of a rogue. Gryphon is typical in many ways that while he would never steal from a party member, he is quite willing and able to approrpiate a small item before it makes it’s way into the “party treasure” if he thinks he’s been doing more work than his party share is likely to reflect.

–‘Astrin’ -LN – Grey Elf – Duelist/Diabolist/Bounty-Hunter – 6/7/6 – HP: 68 – Minor Psychic –As deadly as she is beautiful, Astrin remains a uneasy mystery to the group. While none of the them deny her abilities, those same abilities trouble Frater Nikolai in particular as her magic seems rooted in the darker arts. Clearly a member of the upper class, Astrin is oddly at ease with the lower and rougher classes, and is quite willing to act on her own in the pursuit of some larger goal.

Seconal – NG – High Man – Psionicist/Thief (Healer) – 2/2 (1) – HP: 15 – Once known as “Brother Kyril”, Seconal was a street-thief who was taken into the Brotherhood of St. Estor as a Healer-Candidate and given training. While this certainly gave the yong man a strong moral character, and they managed to take the child out of the street, they didn’t manage to take the street out of the child and he reverted back to form and has struck out on his own.


The Honorable Dead – A list of those characters which have died, grouped by player, along with a note as to the campaign or character that they were primarily associated with and how they died.

Player CB:

Arvid – NG – Half-Elf – Ranger – 3rd – HP: 21 – 1st Character Barrow Downs Campaign. Killed by an Owlbear at the Caves of Chaos.

Player MS:

Artan – NG – Human – Ranger – 1st – HP: 16 – 2nd Character Barrow Downs Campaign. Killed by friendly fire on the road to the Caves of Chaos.

Roland – LG – Human – Cavalier-Champion – 0-Level – HP: 9 – 1st Character Barrow Downs Campaign. Killed by goblins on the road to the Caves of Chaos. Has returned to life as some form of Undead or Unquiet spirit – or possibly “just” an Anti-Paladin.

Player SS:

Smjor – LN – Human – Barbarian – 3rd – HP: 37 – 1st Character Barrow Downs Campaign. Killed by goblins while out hunting by himself in the wilds surrounding Seraph Keep.


7 thoughts on “Old Characters and Campaigns (1E AD&D)

  1. Interesting mix of races and classes. High Men? Warrior Monks? Duelists? I’d love to see your house rules!

    • *Chuckle* If you translate “High Man” to Dunadain or Deryni you are on the right track – it merely means that that are automatically psionic and can multiclass as a psionicist/something. Warrior Monks are pretty much just 1E Monks with a couple tweaks to make them more playable and Duelists are pretty much the class from Dragon #73 (again with a couple of minor tweaks).

      As you go back through the blog you’ll find bits and pieces of the house rules, and as I get more in a coherent form they’ll go up on the blog as well! Let me know if there is anything in particular that you’d like to know how it works and I’ll see about posting it.


  2. Cool. Do you use standard psionics from Ad&d or one of many variants? I’ve started an ACKS campaign and I want to include psionics just maybe not the RAW.

    Are the Deryni from the Dragon magazine article?

    What tweak did you do to the monks if you don’t mind me asking?

    Always fascinated by other people’s house rules.

    • I actually pretty much use the standard Psionics from the PHB, but instead of rolling psionic strength is is expressed as Talent x5. The High Men just all automatically psychic (no roll needed), no other huge difference.

      The simple version? Monks roll d6 for Hit Dice not d4, they get Strength and Dexterity bonuses, and I use the monks Martial Arts from Oriental Adventures instead. They also simply gain a special maneuver each level rather than having to spend weapon proficiencies on them. I also removed the F/R traps and the Pick Locks and gave them Tracking like a Ranger and an “Aura Sense” skill that lets them duplicate a number of the basic “detect” spells.


  3. Query: What is Castle Amber? Is it from Zelzany or Moldvay? Thanks.

    • It’s X2, the old Moldvay module – one with a quite long-standing and storied history in my game world. Given that this was the first party to actually “solve it” it’s next reappearance is going to be somewhat different – but it is a great, gonzo, rail-roadish module from that era.


      • I ran a variation on that module using NPCs from the Module and another branch of the Family based on Zelazny’s Amberites. It was lots of fun, but my Players didn’t get most of the jokes, since they had never never read the books.

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