Memory Unit (Cyberpunk)

In the spirit of “Appendix N” this is page has a title from Cyberpunk for the data storage – this is the list of the primary cyberpunk novels and source material that has fueled my cyberpunk games. Some of these are very “cyberpunk” and some of these fall into other genres entirely.

  • Delaney, Samual R. – Dhalgren
  • Effinger, George Alec – The Marid books
  • Gibson, Willaim – Duh… The Sprawl trilogy of course. Though I have to say that I think Burning Chrome was my favorite short by him. And I’ve enjoyed his later work as well.
  • Griffon, W.EB. – His Brotherhood of War series.
  • Hinz, Christopher – The Paratwa Saga.
  • Jeter, K.W. – Dr. Adder I have the BlueJay TPB full of art of this one. I bought it way back in the day and it was as seminal as Neuromancer for me.
  • Lowachee, Karin – The Warchilde books.
  • Lustbader, Eric V. – Strangely enough, his Ninja series.
  • Moran, Daniel Keys – The Continuing Time is one of the best series of scifi novels I have ever read – I  do wish life had treated Dan a bit better, he’s had a pretty rough time of it.
  • Morehouse, Lydia – The Archangel Protocol novels were a great read.
  • Morgan, Richard – All of his stuff, but his Takeshi Kovacs novels in particular.
  • Moriarty, Chris – Spin State and Spin Control.
  • Perry, Steve – His Man Who Never Missed series. Not normally considered “cyberpunk” but they work for me.
  • de Pierres, Marianne – Her Parris Plessis novels.
  • Shepherd, Joel – The Cassandra Kresnov novels.
  • Shirley, John – His A Song Called Youth series.
  • Sterling, Bruce – Islands in the Net and Heavy Weather
  • Vinge, Joan D. – Her Cat novels, Psion etc.
  • Williamson, Walter Jon – All of his stuff, but I really liked Voice of the Whirlwind,; the most.
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