Society of Light – Part 2

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The Enchiridion is the title for the collection of the holy texts of the Church of the Lords of Light. It is composed of thirty-six distinct texts, only twenty of which are available for any to read. By religious law, the Enchiridion is always written in Aleph, a mortal analog of Enochian (the langauge of the Host). Many of these texts are living documents, being updated and revised as needed. The following fourteen texts are commonly collected together as either a bound volume or a set of scrolls and is what most people think of when the term “Enchiridion” is used.

  • Record of the Proclamation of the Lord Sc Metatron – The words of the Lord Sc. Metatron on the formation and purpose of the Society of Light and the Church of the Lords of Light.
  • Book of the Evangelion – A description of the meaning and rewards of the Society of Light.
  • Record of the Knowledge of the Lord Sc Raphael – The words of the Lord Sc Raphael on the breadth and depth of the knowledge and authority of the Sarim.
  • The Trisagion – The text and music of the twenty-four hour song in praise of the Light.
  • Scroll of the Vale of ‘Aden – The story of the creation of humanity and their Fall from Grace.
  • Record of the Annunciation of the Lord Sc Gabriel – The words of the Lord Sc Gabriel on the birth and role of humanity.
  • The War between the Sons of Light and the Princes of Darkness – The tale of the Fall of the Angels as related by the Host, detailing both the reasons and the measures taken to avert it.
  • Record of the Battle of the Lord Sc Michael – The words of the Lord Sc Michael on the War Without End and the battle between Light and Darkness.
  • The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs – Starting with Enoch, the first Patriarch, this is recording of the earliest histories of the Church of the Lords of Light and the Society of Light.
  • The Lamentations of Istar – The history of the fall of Istar and the treachery of the Witch-King
  • Record of the Path of the Lord Sc Uriel – The words of the Lord Sc Uriel on death and salvation.
  • The Lost Temple – A mystery-chaunt of the lost Templum Archangelorum
  • Songs of the Cities – Tales of the Eternal City and its reflections in mortal history and institutions.
  • Record of the Revelation of Lord Sc Ratziel – The words of the Lord Sc Ratziel on the threat and signs of the Endtimes.

The following texts each contain so much information that they each fill a weighty volume on their own. In the case of the Rulings of the Most Holy Tribunal it fills multiple volumes and is constantly being revised with commentary. All of these texts have abridged versions, and some highly abridged versions may show up in single volume copies of the Enchiridion.

  • Codex of the Sarim – A list of the Sarim, their names, portfolios, and manifestations.
  • Codex of the Eternal City – A description of Heaven, the Eternal City, and it’s environs.
  • Codex of the Host of Heaven – A description of the Hierarchy and Choirs of Angels
  • Codex of the Illuminated Brethren – A description of the Blessed Spirits of the Society of Light
  • Tally of the Elections – A list of the Elect, their histories, and their portfolios.
  • Rulings of the Most Holy Tribunal of the Blessed Irin and Qaddisin – A collection of the laws and commentary on the rulings of the laws of the Church of the Lords of Light and the Society of Light.

There are nine restricted texts that, while they are considered part of the Enchiridion, are not commonly available. While not exactly heretical, they often deal with sensitive subjects and access is monitored within the institutions that have copies and restricted to those who can demonstrate both the need for the knowledge and the wisdom to use it with care.

  • Codex of the Fallen – A list of the Fallen angels, their hierarchy, names, and manifestations.
  • Codex of the Apostate – A list of the Apostate, their names and crimes.
  • Codex of the Pit – A description of Hell, the Pits, and the environs of the Fallen.
  • Codex of the Accursed – A description of cursed and dire beasts that have been born of Darkness.
  • Song of the Shadow – A poetic description of the Shadowlands, its peoples, environs, and dangers.
  • The Banishment of the Grigori – A description of the banishment of the Grigori for the crime of mating with mortals and bringing forth the Nephilim.
  • The Incarnations of the Maelstrom – A description of the dangers of the Maelstrom, the Ran, the Wyld, the Forsaken, and the Lords of Chaos.
  • The Permutations of Form – A description of the Great Elementals, their manifestations and servants, and the rules that bind them.
  • The Emanations of Mercy, Severity, and Balance – A description of the cosmology of the Greater and Lesser Realms.

Similarly, there are also seven primary texts that are actually suppressed. These deal with heretical subjects of the Fallen and Nephalim and are kept under close lock and key by the Church of the Lords of Light. It is believed that the seductive lies and the blasphemous truths of theses texts are too much for the uninitiated ear and unprotected mind.

  • Canticle of the Morning Star – A song praising the un-Fallen Morning Star.
  • Lament of the Lightbringer – The tale of the Fall, as related by the Fallen.
  • Song of the Black Dragon – The description of the methods used by the Fallen to corrupt the Faithful.
  • Song of the Seven Darks – A song that celebrates the great sins of the soul.
  • The Isa Dirge – A song of lamentation by the mother of the first Nephalim.
  • Revelation of the Dark Mother – The story of the First Woman and Mother of Monsters.
  • Chronicle of the Black Labyrinth – A description of the Void and the Dearth.
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