Society of Light – Part 4

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The Sarim: The Sarim are the Chief Celestial Princes who rule over the Eternal City, the Seven Heavens, and Heavenly Host, and the Choirs of Angels. It is said that there is an angel for everything, and that There are too many for a complete list here, as there are entire tomes dedicated to the Hierarchy of Heaven, but the following is a list of the greatest among the Host.

  • Lord Sc. Anafiel: Lord of the Crown Judgment; Chief of the Qaddisin (The Judges, two of which must be part of any celestial court); and the Keeper of the Keys to the Eternal City. Once soundly thrashed the Lord Sc. Metatron as part of a Divine Judgment.
  • Lord Sc. Camael: Prince of the Presence; Prince of the Choir of Malakim; Chief of the Soqed Hozi (Keepers of the Divine Balances); and the Master of Divine Justice.
  • Lord Sc. Chayyiel: Prince of the Choir of Kerubim; Chief of Angelic Guards over the Great Realm of ‘Aden; and Master of the Sword of Enoch.
  • Lord Sc. Gabriel: Archangel of Annunciation, Resurrection, and Mercy; Tutelary Prince of the Great Realm of Thalath; and Chief of the Soperiel Mehayye (Keepers of the Book of Life).
  • Lord Sc. Jehoel: Prince of the Presence; Prince of the Choir of Ofanim; Chief of the Merkabah (the Chariots of the Heaven), and the Master of the Trisagion.
  • Lord Sc. Metatron: Chancellor of Heaven; The Great Archon; Prince of the Ministering Angels; Sustainer of Mankind; Angel of the Enchiridion; Preceptor of Enoch in the Mysteries of the Evangelion; and Tutelary Master of the Congregation of Istar.
  • Lord Sc. Michael: Archangel and Prince of the Presence; Prince of the Choir of Seraphim; Tutelary Prince of the Kingdom of Light and the Mortal Realm; Angel of Repentance and Vengeance; Viceroy of Heaven; Firstborn of the Sarim; Deliver of the Faithful; and Supreme Commander of the Heavenly Hosts and the Sword.
  • Lord Sc. Phanuel: Prince of the Presence; Tutelary Prince of the Realm of the Great Waste;  Prince of the Sustaining Angels, Angel of Penance; and Master of the Epitemia.
  • Lord Sc. Radueriel: Tutelary Prince of the Underdark; The Recording Angel; Leader of the Celestial Choirs; and Creator of Lesser Angels.
  • Lord Sc. Raphael: Archangel of Healing, Science, and Knowledge; Prince of the Choir of Arelim, Prince of the Presence; and Regent of the Sun.
  • Lord Sc. Ratziel: Archangel of Proclamation and Herald of the Sarim; Master of the Supreme Mysteries; Preceptor Angel of Enoch; Revealer of Divine Mysteries; and Chief of the Irin (the Watchers, two of which must be part of any celestial court)
  • Lord Sc. Uriel: Benevolent Archangel of Death; Preceptor Angel of Enoch; a Prince of the Presence; Angel of Salvation; Regent of the Moon; Tutelary Prince of the Shadowlands and the Great Realm of the  Dead, Overseer of Tartarus; Chief of the Sopheriel Memeth (the Keepers of the Book of Death); and Master of the Tachrichim.

The Angels: Often considered the epitome of the Celestials (though there are many others), Angels, collectively known as the Host, are organized into seven great Choirs. Though it is rarely their true form it is common for angels, especially the lesser Choirs, to appear either as normal members of a mortal race or as clearly celestial and winged members of that race. In truth, angels (and most Celestials) have beautiful and awful forms that the mortal mind and eye can barely comprehend, and they cloak themselves in humble array to spares the minds and souls of those that bear witness to their presence.

  • Seraphim – The first and highest Choir of angels, in their true forms the seraphim are great fiery snakes made of love and light, with six wings and four eyes. They unceasingly intone the Trisiagon and surround the thrones of the Heavens.
  • Ofanim – The second Choir of angels, the Ofanim, are the great wheels of the Heavens, their true forms being an iridescent constellation of eyes made up of stars and burning coals. They are the messengers of the Heavens, moving at irresistible speed through the Great Realms, bringing news to all that serve the Light.
  • Kerubim – The third Choir of angels, they are the holy beasts of the Heavens, their true forms most commonly being great multi-winged lions with mortal heads, set to guardianship as a flame of whirling swords.
  • Arelim – The fourth Choir of angels, the valiant ones comprised of white fire, are among the most numerous of the Host, commonly appearing as winged humanoids bearing weapons of fire and thunder.
  • Virtues – the Ministering Angels are the fifth Choir of angels. They are responsible for all living things, plant and animal, and they watch over and minister to their needs.
  • Powers – the Sustaining Angels are the sixth Choir of angels. They are responsible for all the fundamentals of the great works of creation and those things made from and of them. The stones and the seas, the fire and the wind are their charges and they watch over them and sustain them.
  • Malakim – The Choir that stands alone, the dark-winged Malakim are full of grace and valor, standing against the Fallen and the Dearth. The Malakim are the destroying angels, fierce and terrible in their wrath in the War Without End.

The Virtues and the Powers are constantly present on the Mortal Realms and elsewhere, invisible and undetectable for the most part. Arelim are the angels that most commonly answer the summons or answer the needs of mortals, their form and manner being the least alien to mortal understanding. The Kerubim are set as guardians only upon the most powerful or important of mortal places or beings, instead generally being concerned with more arcane matters, and the Ofanim move across Creation unceasingly – their presence dazzling enough to drive mortals blind and mad with it’s mystery and beauty. Seraphim remain Heaven for the most part, rarely venturing elsewhere save in the most dire or important of circumstances. The Malakim can be found anywhere at any time for they are among the most fearsome of the angels, their presence a portent of death, destruction, and despair even in the greatest of victories.

The Council of the Elect: Comprised of those mortals who have come to the notice of the Sarim by virtue of their exemplary service to the Light. The first among the Elect was Enoch, who was blessed by the teachings of the Lord Sc. Metatron as a slave and found his way out of darkness and tribulation in the service of the Light. The Elect often act as inspirations and patrons to various Orders (Anchorite, Evangelion, and Militant) within the Society of Light and their families and bloodlines are respected. Of course, the most respected of the Elect are the Patriarchs of the Church, those life’s work and service serve as the foundation of the Church:

  • Sc. Enoch: First Patriarch and  Patron Saint of the Slaves and the Oppressed
  • Sc. Christoforo: Second Patriarch and Patron Saint of Travelers
  • Sc. Constantine the Faithful: Third Patriarch, Patron Saint of Kings & Rulers, and First Among Equals
  • Sc. Dominus the Preacher: Fourth Patriarch and Patron Saint of Orders Mendicants
  • Sc. Amun the Hermit: Fifth Patriarch and Patron Saint of Hermits and Eremites
  • Sc. Andraa the Valorous: Sixth Patriarch, Patron Saint of the Orders Militants, and Defender of the Holy Lands
  • Sc. Tomasin the Wise: Seventh Patriarch and Patron Saint of Atlan
  • Sc. Aristus: Eighth Patriarch and Patron Saint of Orders Anchorite
  • Sc. Musafir of the Travelers: Ninth Patriarch and Patron Saint of Khem
  • Sc. Simeon: Tenth Patriarch and Patron Saint of Istar
  • Sc. Singh the Lion-Blooded: Eleventh Patriarch and Patron Saint of Khitain
  • Sc. Isaac: Twelfth Patriarch and Patron Saint of the Faithful
  • Sc. Kerioth: Thirteenth Patriarch and Apostate

Below the Patriarchs of the Church are the Patron Saints, members of the Church whose life was singularly defined by some aspect of service that they continue to take active interest in guiding those with the same interest or concern. This can be a profession, it can be an area, or even a somewhat abstract concept. A short list includes:

  • Sc. Bane the Scourger: Patron Saint of those who hunt Undead
  • Sc. Estor: Patron Saint of Healing
  • Sc. Mattias the Dragon Slayer: Patron Saint of those who hunt Monsters
  • Sc. Dominic: Patron Saint of Lawyers
  • Sc. Austin: Patron Saint of Poor and Oppressed
  • Sc. Calir the Mystic: Patron Saint of Psychics
  • Sc. Brendan: Patron Saint of Seamen and Navigators
  • Sc. Kirra of the Sacred Passion: Patron Saint of Tantrics
  • Sc. Thrace of the Oath: Patron Saints of Bodyguards and Boon Companions
  • Sc. Ulric the Trollborn: Patron Saint of Thule
  • Sc. Cullen the Survivor: The Patron Saint of Prophets
  • Sc. Brigid of the Sacred Flame: Patron Saint of Loren
  • Sc. Stefan the Martyr: Patron Saint of Martyrs
  • Sc. Raul the Long Suffering: Patron Saint of Lost Causes
  • Sc. Jamison of the Sword: Patron Saint of Swordsmen, Duelists
  • Sc. El’Azar: Patron Saint of the Siccarri
  • Sc. Olivia: Patron Saint of Children, Virgins, and the Innocent
  • Sc. Aragon the Ranger: Patron Saint of Huntsmen and Archers
  • Sc. Erol the Masked: The Patron Saint of Harrow
  • Sc. Tamar of the Hand: Patron Saint  of Mystics, Visionaries, and Survivors of Rapine
  • Sc. Gerald the Relentless: Patron Saint of those who fight the Lords of the Maelstrom
  • Sc. Lucia the Blind: Patron Saint of the Betrothed
  • Sc. Branwen the Raven: Patron Saint of Ravens and Female Rangers

There are also many of the Saints that have no particular orders associated with them, or who are supplementary figures in the larger orders. These members of the Council are no less respected or revered by the members of the Church of the Lords of Light, merely often of greatest interest to their mortal descendants and their families.

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