Westron Family of Languages

Overview of Language Mechanics

The Westron Family: The most common language in the Heartlands, it closely developed from the Istarian of the White Empire several ages ago. As such, anyone who speaks a language from this family of languages can attempt to read or speak Istarian at a DC25 (Very Hard). All the languages of the Westron family use the Istarian alphabet.

  • Brittian: Though a member of the Westron family, there are some profound differences between Brittian and the other members of the language family that result in a DC10 check to understand one another. Spoken only in the kingdom of Del Brittit and the immediate cultural area, the language is a very proud artifact of their ancient culture – it has changed little over the years. (S)
  • Istarian: The language of the Black and White Empires, the language of Istarian is now only spoken in a few places by anyone other than scholars. The antecedent of both the Casta and Westron families of languages (DC25 to understand), the large size and great influence of both Empires insured that it has influenced many other languages as well over the course of time. Istarian proper was the language of the Black Empire while Old Istarian was the language of the White Empire. Ancient Istarian comes from the period of the Great Diaspora of the 5th Age after the Great Flood. Its alphabet requires no special skill to inscribe, being almost identical to that used in Casta and Westron. Istarian has been the primary language of scholars in the Heartlands and the remnants of the White and Black Empires since the Interregnum. (S)
  • Westron: The most common language of the Heartlands, Westron is spoken in Albion and many of the countries of the in the Heartlands proper. Somewhat cosmopolitan in nature, it is a complex language to learn in the same manner that English is. (S)
  • Zymoran: Zymoran is spoken throughout much of the northeastern portions of the Heartlands, in Zymora, the T’zarr Border States, and a selection of other kingdoms north of the Martyr Mountains and is quite close to common Westron in most ways – influence from Faerie and a Northron providing enough linguistic drift to create a separate dialect. (S)
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