Thulian Family of Languages

Overview of Language Mechanics

The Thulian Family: A rough and guttural language, its detractors suggest that it has more in common with the Dark Tongue of the Goblins and Trolls. While scholars uniformly agree that this is nonsense, there is some agreement that the two languages have influenced one another over time. It is spoken in Thule and the areas that have been colonized by either merchants or warriors of Thule. This family of languages is properly written using the Thulian runic futhark, though Northron is often transliterated into the Istarian alphabet.

  • Thulian: Spoken on the northern continent of Thule, this is a language rooted in ice and cold. It does incorporate a fair amount of certain types of communication with both Dwarrune and the Dark Tongue – allowing insults and trade with goblins and dwarves at a mere DC10 check – but any communication beyond very basic battle, economic, or emotional content are impossible. (E)
  • Northron: In the time of the Black Empire the warriors and traders of Thule travelled over the sea and settled in the Northern Marches that border the Heartlands. After generations their language and culture has changed enough to be considered more than a simple dialectical change. While technically correct to write in Northron in Thulian runic futhark, Northron is often transliterated into the Westron alphabet. (E)
  • Icelandren: The Ice Waste is home two distinct cultures, the remnants of the Old Race who are known as Wanderers of the Ice, and the Icelanders – outposts of Thulian warriors and traders who have lived there since the Interregum. Icelandren properly uses its own futhark, the Icelandren futhark, for there is a +5 DC to translate back and forth from the Thulian futhark. (E)
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