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Converting Chicago Unseen (II)

Yeah, I think I about have the Avatar thing figured out (and will post at some point), plus we reworked The Gift a bit into three separate Gifts, one for magic, one for necromancy, and one for the Sight – and Divine Inspiration / True Faith is just it’s own little thing.

That said, I just had a flash of something like “Holy Orders” that would resolve a couple of problems that we were having in trying to make sense of things.

We’ve also been running through the various Covenants and Traditions and Sects and deciding which ones we like and which one we don’t really. In all cases these are really meant to represent general philosophies and paradigms, the broader of which are the more diverse and less structured. So closer to Witchcraft than Mage, and often taken a step or two further.

So, the Old Faith, the Hermetics, the Akashic Brotherhood, the Legbans, the Dreamspeakers/Ghostdancers, the Technocratic Union, the Syndicate, the Lodge of the Undying (perhaps by a different name), the Solitaries, the Arcanum, the Hunters – we have decided that there is likely some sort of Necromancery thing, but aren’t really very certain what it is yet. Similarly, we like the idea of Ferals being organized around packs and the vampires being organized by bloodline, but haven’t got much further than that.

Actually, we looked at things and vampires are going to get tweaked a fair amount. We like our vampires as bloodsuckers, and we even like the idea that certain bloodlines are known for certain of the gifts/qualities. So, we’ll have to figure that out and get it down in writing.

Yeah, and we’ll have to someday make some rules for the Fae – definitely Seelie and Unseelie Court stuff, Glamours, Miens, Changelings, but we both hated the WoD vision of the Fae so it’s not going to look like that much at all.

Cosmologically speaking, we’re dumping the whole sephiroth thing. It would drive my husband crazy given the lack of concurrence with existing esoteric lore and confuse the hell out of players trying to google things and make sense of it. So at the moment we’re keeping things slightly more simple – Mundane World (or Midworld), Underworld (with a Threshold), Dream Realm, the Realm of Faerie (with a Borderland), and the Overworld (or Overworlds, given that these are the realms of the Gods). There is Astral Travel, plus we’ll probably have to figure out where the Eternal City (Heaven) and the Pit (Hell) are. There is probably a realm or two that we need to include as well, but this was a very cursory first pass from last night that grew out of the idea that we wanted to make sure that “Horizon Realms” from WoD still existed, which matched some things from the Book of Hod which then spawned the idea that perhaps the various Overworlds are actually horizon realms that “grew up” (evolved/etc).



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Converting “Chicago Unseen” to Witchcraft

One of the critiques of Witchcraft is that it is nothing but a World of Darkness clone. There is, I have admit, some truth to that. There are many protestations that this isn’t the case but if folks are being honest I think you have to admit it. That said, it does kind of make it easier to convert a Chronicle from one system to the other.

But it does mean that you have to decide how to translate certain concepts if they played a large part of the original. For example, there is essentially no analog to the Avatar from Mage, so if that was an important part of the chronicle (as it was for us) you will need to decide if there is something from the Unisystem that can work or if you need to come up with your own Quality to explain it (which is our method, though we’re saying that this is a Quality akin to True Immortal and represents a connection to some other type of remnant from the Elder Kingdoms.

But do you use the Storm Dragons? Or the Akashic Brotherhood? I have to say that I like the Akashics better than I like the Storm Dragons – though I think the rules for martial arts are overly complicated and rather kludgy. They may get a re-write.

Similarly, the Nephandi are just way more fleshed out and cooler than the way they present the cults of the Mad Gods. I can’t say that I’m thrilled with the Combine, but the canon Technocracy isn’t much better. Luckily, the version of the Technocracy we came up with made much more sense and actually probably works better in Unisystem in general and the Witchcraft setting in specific.

But I have to say that while Witchcraft still tries a little bit too hard to do the “world-wide secret society” thing with it’s Covenants, they are still a million times better than the Traditions/Clans/Tribes of the World of Darkness.


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And now for the morning news…

Yeah, I’ve been busy with work and not paying attention to my long-neglected blog here…

Let’s see here, I pledged to a handful of Kickstarters – the CoC 7th Edition, the Islands of Ignorance Companion, and I’m hopeful that I’ll see my copy of Sense of the Slight-of-Hand-Man soon as well. I *really* want my copy of Pulp Cuthulhu now…

I finally received my copy of the new Traveller along with all of my goodies. As much as I wanted to love it, it’s kind of a trainwreck. Not so much in the rules themselves but in the sheer disorganized mess that the rulebook is. All of the -Makers in there, while I can understand why they are a part of the main rules given the history of Traveller, just add a huge level of confusing bloat given the lack of good organization.

Some of the ideas I really liked, the changes to character generation were actually pretty decent as near as I can tell (again, some of the lack of organization creates some real confusion). I look forward to integrating the new rules as part of my CyberTraveller 2200 campaign – I’ve always integrated Cyberpunk Lifepath with the Traveller Extended Character Generation in some very cool ways.

On a totally different note, I’ve gone around and been poking at the old “Chicago Unseen” setting that my spouse first ran and that we then ended up running together. It was a oWoD mashup based on the Mage game, but as much as we used much of the canon setting we trashed much more, and eventually couldn’t keep using such a cool but almost impossible to use magical system. So what I’ve been doing is looking at the old Witchcraft and Armageddon games first by Myrmidon Press and later by Eden Studios. I’ve had copies of the original rules for awhile now and always thought they would make a decent alternative to the White Wolf rules. I’ve bought things like Dresden Files and Savage Worlds hoping that these would be the solution but as decent as they are I just could quite make then work.

The Unisystem rules really seem to fit the bill, as long as being simple enough to tweak those couple areas that we’d need to manipulate to create a vision of an occult world that fits our own better. Plus, the existence of the multiple power levels available when looking at both games combined is a real benefit. We’d ended up with characters and NPC’s who arguable would have been Avatars and Inheritors (or Enlightened) by the time we gave up on the oWoD rules and it would be nice to have a rules-set that would allow this more easily.

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