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You know what else I’m waiting for?

Treasure guidelines.

There is some interesting hints of what the Implied Setting suggests given the prices for trade goods in the Players Handbook as well as the ability to easily make and buy Healing Potions. There is also also the notes about a assumed limit of the “three attuned magic items” that are included in the Starter Set, with some examples of items that require attunement for full effectiveness and some that don’t.

So, that’s what else I was missing from the new Monster Manual. Not that I was ever a huge fan of the often clunky “Treasure Types” – but it would be great to see something like the treasure guidelines that ACKS uses.  That was, I have to say, one of things I was most impressed with in the ACKS campaign/domain guidelines. That is something else I’d actually like to see as well I guess, a domain game for 5E that is as well developed as the one in ACKS.

Now, the truth is that my economy is already quite well developed and the prices in the Players Handbook are something I already jettisoned – if for no other reason than I don’t trust WOTC to create an economy that makes sense. My initial review did nothing to change this supposition. So I’ll likely import most of my existing guidelines for creatures and treasure, but I still find this a rather irksome omission for the rules at this point.


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