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The Heptarchy

The Heptarchy is a pantheon led by the Lady Night and it is made up of Her, along with Her three sons known as the Perihelion and Her three daughters known as the Perilune. It is a very old religion, dating back to Atlan and before, and it is found wherever humankind fled after the fall of that realm.

Lady Night Herself is known as the Mother of Darkness, and holds sway over magic and mysteries of all sorts. She accepts the worship of any and all, unconcerned with alignment by either priest or worshipper and is distant, some would say uncaring, head of her family. Some say she is one of the Great Gods, hidden in a lesser form, but if this be true even Her priestesses known it not. She and Her priestess keep their counsel close, but when they share their thoughts it is generally a deep wisdom that shows both unlooked for compassion and the willingness to sacrifice all for the greater good. Her symbols include the Dark of the Moon, Jet, or an Orb (Domain: Arcana/Knowledge)

The Perihelion

The Orders of the Suns are made up of Sol Invictus and Helios Panoptes. The Orders are well organized and mutually supporting sects that are found in all civilized lands. They oppose evil and chaos and are often willing to ally themselves with groups like the Church of the Lords of Light or the Khemeti where they have both morals, ethics, and overall goals in common. Together, the brothers ride the Great Dragons of the Suns, and the faithful watch the sky for signs of their passage.

Sol Invictus, the Unconquered Sun, is first among leaders and warriors. He stands for all that is lawful and good, and tolerates nothing but the same in his priests and followers. He is favored by nobles and rulers across the Mortal Realms, as well as by common soldiers who pray for His blessing and protection combat. The symbol of Sol Invictus is a Golden Bladed Imperial Sun. (Domain: Light/War)

At His side stands His brother, Helios Panoptes, the All-Seeing Sun, truth-seeker and bringer-of-judgment. Truly neutral, Panoptes brings judgment based on what has happened, by whatever standard is asked – truth is his purview, not justice. His worshippers includes spellcasters, judges, lawyers, and kings who rule by wisdom rather than by strength of arms. The symbol of Helios Panoptes is the All-Seeing Eye within a Golden Sun. (Domain: Knowledge/Light)

They are both thwarted by Their brother, whom They curse whenever He appears, the Midnight Sun. The Masked One whose intrigue outmatches the strength of arm of His brother Invictus and whose deception can blind even His brother Panoptes. The Midnight Sun is served by thieves, spies, and diplomats and while very few who are good serve Him, many of His worshippers are neutral and even evil. The symbol of the Midnight Sun is a some variation of a Sun in Black or a Mask. (Domain: Trickery)

 The Perilune

The Mysteries of the Moon are made up of sects that worship the daughters of Lady Night, the Three Sisters; Mother of Pearl, Daughter of Bone, and Sister of Blood. These sects are more secretive than the Orders of the Suns, often concerned more with issues of hearth, home, and heart than with the more lofty political and social concerns of the Orders of the Suns. The Perilune are often willing to ally themselves not merely with the Perihelion, but with the Old Faith, and are friendly with the servants of the Lords Tarot. Like their brothers, the Three Sisters each ride one of the Great Dragons of the Moons, their passage marked by tides and weather.

The eldest of the daughters of Lady Night is known as Mother of Pearl. She holds sway over birth and rebirth, over the potential of the womb, and the cycles of life itself. Mothers everywhere swear by Her name and sacrifice pearls in times of need. Careful, considerate, compassionate, but also calculating Mother of Pearl attracts priestesses and followers who are Lawful in nature – She is less concerned with the morals of Her followers and more with the ethics. Her symbols include the Full Moon, Pearls, or a Chalice. (Domain: Life/Nature)

The middle daughter of Lady Night is known as Daughter of Bone. She is feared by all, unaligned and Neutral in all ways as are Her servants. Daughter of Bone holds sway over Death, of the body, the mind, the soul, and the spirit for She is final silence that comes to all things. Her worshippers are few and far between, but all pray to Her in their final moments. Her symbols include the Waning Moon, an Bone Knife, or a Skull (Domain: Death)

The youngest daughter of Lady Night is the Sister of Blood, She who rules over passion and fertility, and all those things that quicken the blood. Unlike Her sisters, She is Chaotic and Her followers are equally as unpredictable – often gathered together in bands of maenads and bacchae, even bands of berserking amazons fighting on the battlefields alongside men. Her symbols include Waxing Moon, a Spray of Blood, or a Labrys (Domain: War)


Game Mechanics Will Come in a Later Post

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