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En Khoda Theos Kirk – Part 2

So, I was hoping that there would be rules for Elemental Domains in the Elemental Evil adventure and was disappointed. That said, one of my players is playing a Dorje of the Great Dragon of the Air so I’ve been coming up with Domains for these four Domains of the En Khoda Theos Kirk.

Part One

The Dorje of the En Khoda Theos Kirk are highly attuned to the Mysteries of the Great Elementals. Each Dorje chooses (or, perhaps more accurately, is chosen by) one of the Great Dragons and leads their Kirks or Vihara in the worship, veneration, and contemplation of that particular Great Dragon.

At 1st level, like other clerics, all Dorje are trained in the use of Light and Medium Armor, Shields, and Simple Weapons. They are also granted the Blessing of their Great Dragon, and the player is allowed to choose one Blessing, and then gain later features as they advance in level.

Blessing of the Great Dragon of the Air

  • Bonus Cantrip: Gust
  • Extra Weapons: Blowgun, Warfan
  • Feature: Missiles always have Disadvantage to Attack. Additionally, if unarmored, the Dorje gains half their Wisdom bonus as an AC bonus.
  • Bonus Spells at various levels:
    • 1stAbsorb Element, Thunderwave
    • 3rdGust of Wind, Warding Wind
    • 5thFly, Windwall
    • 7thConjure Minor Elementals, Stormsphere
    • 9thControl Winds, Conjure Elemental

Blessing of the Great Dragon of the Earth

  • Bonus Cantrip: Mold Earth
  • Extra Weapons: Warhammer, Maul
  • Feature: The Dorje is unencumbered by metal armor, and may add their Wisdom bonus to any Bludgeoning damage done with melee weapons.
  • Bonus Spells at various levels:
    • 1st Absorb Element, Earth Tremor
    • 3rd Earthbind, Maximillian’s Earthen Grasp
    • 5th Erupting Earth, Meld into Stone
    • 7th Conjure Minor Elementals, Stoneskin
    • 9th Conjure Elementals, Transmute Rock

Blessing of the Great Dragon of the Fire

  • Bonus Cantrip: Control Flame
  • Extra Weapons: Shortsword, Warspear
  • Feature: The Dorje has Advantage on saves against Fire or Flame, and they may ignore the Fire damage equal to their Wisdom bonus each round.
  • Bonus Spells at various levels:
    • 1stAbsorb Element, Burning Hands
    • 3rdAgannazar’s Scorcher, Flaming Sphere
    • 5thMelf Minute Meteors, Fireball
    • 7thConjure Minor Elementals, Fire Shield
    • 9thConjure Elementals, Immolation

Blessing of the Great Dragon of the Water

  • Bonus Cantrip: Shape Water
  • Extra Weapons: Longknife, Trident
  • Feature: The Dorje has Waterbreathing for themselves and does not suffer from an penalties for moving or swimming through water, even if wearing Medium armor.
  • Bonus Spells at various levels:
    • 1st Absorb Element, Ice Knife
    • 3rd Blur, Melf’s Poison Arrow
    • 5th Sleet Storm, Wall of Water
    • 7th Conjure Minor Elementals, Vitriolic Sphere
    • 9th Conjure Elementals, Cloudkill

Elemental Wrath

At 2nd Level, the Dorje can use their Channel Divinity ability to summon the ferocity of the Great Dragon that they serve. When rolling specific damage types (Earth – Acid, Fire – Fire, Air – Thunder, Water – Poison) they can do maximum damage instead of rolling their damage.

Dragon’s Scale

At 6th level, when the Dorje or a creature within 30 feet of them takes a specific type of damage (Earth – Acid, Fire – Fire, Air – Thunder, Water – Poison) the Dorje can use a Reaction to grant them Immunity to that instance of damage.

Divine Strike

At 8th level, the Dorje can imbue their weapons with the essence of the Great Dragon that they serve. Once on each turn, when the Dorje hits an opponent with weapon attack they can deal an additional 1d8 damage based on the Great Dragon they serve (Earth – Acid, Fire – Fire, Air – Thunder, Water – Poison). When the Dorje reaches 14th level the damage increases to 2d8.

Dragon’s Roar

At 17th level the Dorje can use an action to channel the presence of the Great Elemental Dragon that they serve, causing those around them to either become awestruck or frightened. This affects all hostile creatures with a 60′ radius, causing them to become Charmed (if attempting Awe) or Frightened (if attempting Fear) on a failed Wisdom saving throw. This effect last for one minute, or until Concentration is lost, which ever come first. If a creature makes their save, they are immune to this ability for the next 24 hours.

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First new official rules for 5e – and they are free!

So, I “picked up” the free PDF of the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion and on the one hand I like it a fair amount and on the other hand I’m kind of disappointed. The new races are fine, though the Genasai are very different in my game world, and I’ve never used the Snervnebblinglinelfnanfa….. whatever they are, Deep Gnomes – and while I’ve never used the …bird people… as a race in my game world, I can see them having a place (I have other flying races that have played a much more significant role – Winged Folk anyone?). I certainly never had the Goliath’s, but I actually like them – just not sure about that damage reduction ability (it seems very fiddly to me).

The meat is the new spells, especially the new cantrips and the Investitures. I’m very happy with everything I’ve seen there and will actually be updating a couple of bits here and there on other races abilities to reflect these new cantrips.

My big disappointment is the lack of character class options – specifically the lack of Cleric domains and Wizard schools with an elemental focus. The Monk could also have seen some love here, along with the Sorcerer and the Warlock, but there was no love to be had for anyone.

So sad.

In any case that just means that I need to belly up to the bar and come up with my own Cleric domains for the En Khoda Theos Kirk (given that I have a cleric of the Great Dragon of the Air in the game now), and start thinking about how I would handle the Wizard’s Arcane Tradition (and a Warlock Patron and a Sorcerer bloodline).

That said, I’m really looking forward to gaming this week after recovering from the plague last session and it ending up being cancelled.



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The Society of Light – Part 6

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5

The rules for playing a Lightbringer of the Church of the Lords of Light are essentially the same but have some significant differences from the rules in the Player’s Handbook for playing a Cleric. In general, Lightbringers of the Church of the Lords of Life are expected to take the Light cantrip (Lightbringers who take the Light Domain get it as an extra Cantrip). All Clerics of the Church of the Lords of Light have proficiency in Longknife and Shortsword. Their training in Armor is dependent upon their type of Order, not on their specific Domain or the standard Cleric rules.

Minor Orders

Non-Cleric’s may choose to seek and hold Minor Orders, represented by the Magic Initiate Feat or the Ritual Caster Feat.

Orders Anchorite

Clerics who belong to these Orders do not have any additional training in either armor or weapons – instead they have Holy Aura that provides a bonus their Armor Class equal to their Wisdom Bonus plus their Proficiency Bonus. They may choose either the Light or the Knowledge Domain.

Orders Evangelion

Clerics who belong to these Orders are trained in the use of Light Armor and both Basic and Simple Weapons. They possess a Holy Aura that grants them a bonus to Armor Class equal to their Wisdom Bonus. They must choose the Light Domain.

Orders Martial

Clerics who belong to Orders Martial have training in Light, Medium, and Heavy Armor as well as with Simple and Martial Weapons. These may choose either the Light or War Domain. There are many Paladins and some Rangers who serve in the Orders Martial as well. Paladins are found throughout the Orders, while Rangers are found in limited number of places.

There are also two “Healing Orders” (that of Sc. Estor and Sc. Brigid) which use the Life Domain. They are treated as Orders Anchorite, they have the Healer Feat rather than skill in the use of Heavy Armor. Furthermore, when looking at the wider Society of Light, the rules may be more similar to the ones in the Player’s Handbook than those found here. Rumors persist of small, dedicated Orders than have very specific Domains that they use that fall outside the standard. Some of these verge on the heretical, others are simply obscure or highly select. An example would be a minor Order devoted to Lord Sc. Uriel that uses the Death Domain.

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