The State of the Game – November 2016

So, we just started DnD 5e back up again after a couple of month break to play Call of Cthulhu, things were fun, but the players wanted to get back to the Age of Worms campaign and continue along with the story. I feel a little bit bad because last game session after explaining that I wasn’t going to hold back anymore, that I wasn’t going to sweat PC death anymore…

Mind you, it’s pretty hard to kill a PC in 5E as compared to 1E, in any case…

Of course I essentially manage to kill my son’s character. Now, he’s not really dead, he’s a Shade and even being stomped by some wraiths isn’t going to be enough to kill him. But he’s off in the Shadowlands slowing coalescing or rebooting or something over the next hundred years or so, so he’s essentially dead from a “getting to play him” perspective sans any heavy duty magical assistance that is currently out of reach of the characters. So my son is going to bring in another old character and we’ll see how he does with him!

I should be getting Volo’s Guide to Monsters tomorrow, along with Curse of the Crimson Throne for Pathfinder because I think I can adapt it pretty well and it looks like an amazing campaign to at least mine for ideas. Earlier this week I received my copy of Tales of the Caribbean by Golden Goblin Press for Call of Cthulhu and am very impressed by it.


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