Rogue Archtype – The Bravo – 5e

The Bravo

Some Rogues have a decidedly more martial bent – working as enforcers, debt collectors, or just generally being categorized as bully boys and street thugs. Not quite as physically fully trained warrior, the Bravo is nonetheless a dangerous opponent – especially against those whose who would generally be disinclined to fight in the first place.

Menacing Demeanor

When this archtype is chosen at 3rd level, the Bravo gains Advantage when trying to Intimidate targets.

Fighting Style

Beginning at 3rd level the Bravo is allowed to choose a Fighting Style from the same list as a Fighter.

Eye for Weakness

At 9th level the Bravo scores a critical hit on a 19 or 20 with weapon attacks. They may also use their Bonus Action from Cunning Hands to make both Intimidation and Insight checks.

Dirty Fighter

Upon reaching 13th level, the Bravo may use their Cunning Hands ability to either Push or Trip an opponent after a successful melee attack.


At 17th level while using a melee weapon that does not have the Light or Flexible qualities the Bravo can choose to break or otherwise render a single limb useless during a Sneak Attack. Magical healing or four weeks of rest will heal the limb.

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