5E- Barbarian Path – Path of the Demon Hunter

Path of the Demon Hunter

While most barbarians are from uncivilized tribes, some subjects can inspire even the most civilized of people to the same levels of rage. Demons and the Dearth are one of these. So beyond those Barbarians who hail from waste and wilderness and fight against the Dearth there are also such groups as the ancient, disciplined and almost extinct Order of Dion from Atlan to the fiercely passionate Sla’tersha E’lin of the High Elves.


Corruption’s Scent

Starting at 3rd level, Demon Hunter’s are able to Detect Demons as a Reaction.

Hunter’s Heart

Upon choosing this Path at 3rd Level, the Demon Hunter has Advantage on all saves vs Fear and Mind-Control vs. effects from Demons while Raging.

Indomitable Spirit

At 6th Level the Demon Hunter has Resistance to Necrotic and Psychic Damage.

Radiant Hatred

When Demon Hunter reaches 10th level they burn with such hatred of Demons and their ilk that when those creatures strike them with a melee attack they take 2d8 Radiant Damage from the blazing aura that has suffused them.

Eye for Vengeance

At 14th level, a Demon Hunter does a Critical on 19 or 20 against Demons.

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