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Lost to Shadow – the Shades

Most sages agree that Shades are, or more accurately were, normal people who, through arcane magic or dark science, traded thier souls or spirits for the essence of shadowstuff. Others suggest instead that Shades are cursed by the Unborn or the Witches of the Shadowlands, perhaps even the High Lord himself, while yet others insist that Shades are not what they appear to be at all, and are instead some alien creature masquerading in familiar forms. In any case, the method of turning a creature (any human, humanoid, or demihuman with a spirit or soul) into a Shade has been lost for centuries.

Shades are readily identifiable by the learned and the wise due to their dusky grey skin, and their eyes, which have no white but instead have a dark grey or purple iris and pupil. They tend to prefer clothing of greys and blacks, and rarely wear brightly colored clothing or jewelry. The transformation brings about a gloomy broodiness, for the Shadowlands weighs heavily upon them. The most ancient among them have great power and respect in the Shadowlands, but they are feared as well, and they must all maintain constant vigilance against those that seek to harm or control them. The wise Shade quickly learns to trust no one, especially another Shade.

  • Shade Sight: The character can see in Dim Light as if it were Bright Light.
  • Mask of Shadows: The character can Hide in Dim Light as a Bonus Action.
  • One With Shadows: The character has Advantage when in Dim Light.
  • Unnatural Vitality: The character does not age as normal, and they are Immune to Disease. The character has Resistance to Poison, and they will regrow lost body parts (save their head) in 1d4 weeks if they stay in Dim Light or Darkness for the entire period. If slain the character will dissipates into Shadows and reappears in Great Realm of the Shadowlands after a decade per level (or hit die) of the character. In Dim Light the character automatically Stabilizes upon reaching zero hit points, and doubles the hit points regained from each Hit Die spent.
  • Shadowstrider: At 3rd level, when in Dim Light, the Shade is under the benefit of a Longstrider spell – the effectiveness of which increases by 10′ per maximum spell level.
  • Shadowstep: Gathering existing Shadows around themselves, at 5th level the character may Teleport up to 30′ away to an unoccupied space that they can see as long as it is in Dim Light. This range increases by 10′ per maximum spell level. This ability may be used again after a Long Rest.
  • Gloomcalling: At 7th Level, the character may summon forth a deep gloom, blanketing a 20′ radius of Bright Light in conditions of Dim Light that creates a heavily obscured area. The radius increases by 10′ per maximum spell level. This may be used again after a Long Rest.
  • Shadowpath: At 11th level the character, in conditions of Dim Light, can travel to the Great Realm of the Shadowland. This takes one round and Concentration. This ability may be used again after a Long Rest.
  • Light Sensitivity: Bound as they are to the Shadowlands, the character is at Disadvantage for all activities in conditions of Bright Light. Shades are Vulnerable to Radiant damage, and they may not heal naturally while in Bright Light.
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