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A belated Halloween post in celebration of the Delta Green Kickstart!

has been sitting on my hard-drive for (as I check the document properties)… 11 years, since about this time in 2004. It might have been inspired, in part, by the Black Sands comic by Blair Reynolds. I can’t remember if it has ever seen the light of day before, I don’t remember posting it on the DGML, but it was my idea of an additional adversary or patron for a Call of Cthulhu/Delta Green game. The really interesting part is that with the publication of the additional CoC “eras” (Invictus and Dark Ages) it is a concept that could span all of the eras for a very cool multi-stage campaign.

It certainly wasn’t or isn’t the basis of my current, though dormant, Call of the Cthulhu campaign. But looking back I have to say that I’d don’t think it’s that bad of a kernel for something!

So, without further ado and only a couple of minor tweaks!

…The Lodge…

The Lodge has its formal beginnings in the middle of the 19th century with expansion of the British Empire into the Far East. Informally, the Lodge has antecedents that stretch to Atlantis, where what has become the Lodge was born in blood, fire, and the end of a civilization.

The Lodge knows about Delta-Green, they know about PISCES, they know about SUV-7, they suspect what is behind MJ-12, and they are all too aware of the Starkweather-Moore expedition uncovered in 1934. They are all, as far as the Lodge is concerned, misguided amateurs.

The Lodge numbers accomplished sorcerers, psychics, dreamers, a family of were-jaguars, a single very old vampire among its ranks, and five… Others.

The Lodge has members within the highest levels of the British and Japanese governments, and many other nations, including the United Nations.

The Lodge hides it’s members within other occult and fraternal organizations.

The Lodge is the second oldest surviving organization that hunts the Mythos.

The Lodge knows what Stephan Alziz is, and they don’t care about the Fate.

The Lodge and the Cult of Transcendence carefully ignore one another.

The Lodge has been both hunter and hunted for it’s entire existence.

The Lodge hates the Mythos and what most of it represents.

The Lodge has contacts in groups throughout the world.

The Lodge has no morals, as we understand them.

The Lodge wants the human race to survive.

The Lodge demands secrecy.

The Lodge values loyalty.

The Lodge has no mercy.

To understand the Lodge is to understand that everything you ever learned is absolutely correct, to a point. It is the Truth behind the facts that is inspiring. It is the Reality beyond the Truth that in damning.

The Lodge is completely insane.

The Others are five individuals who survived the Fall of Atlantis. They merged with an Force that has allowed them to survive to this day. In order to kill one you would have to kill them all, at the same time. No-one has managed to do this yet. Perhaps this is because no-one has tried hard enough, or perhaps it is because they don’t care. The Others don’t really care that the world is going to eventually be overrun again my Cthulhu and his brethren, they just want to make sure that humanity survives.

Somewhere else.


Until we have to move again.

It’s that “we” that keeps giving them problems.

The Others have no illusions about the eventual triumph of the Great Old One’s. They understand the reality of the Elder Gods.  They have journeyed the Dreamlands. They have seen Azathoth and conversed with Nodens, Vorvadoss, and others just as powerful that have never come close to the orbit of the Earth. The Others understand these things and accept the reality of the Universe. The Others don’t really care what happens to the majority of humanity because they know that the majority is damned to become fodder. The Others want to insure that humanity survives the end of the earth, just as they survived the Fall.

It’s just that there is no way to duplicate Them.

So They must find a way to bring a sustainable population elsewhere.

The premise is simple, the execution difficult.

They almost have an answer.

The Lodge fights because they hate the Mythos. The fight so that there will be humans to survive. Not ghouls, not Tcho-Tcho half-breeds, not minor spawn of some GOO. Other races have survived, the Shan, the Mi-Go, the Byakhee. There are dimensions and worlds far removed from earth that humans could move to, inhabit, take over. The rules of the universe are simple.

Rule or be Ruled.

Evolve or die.

At the greatest level, you cannot rule. There are Powers that are far beyond that of humans who will never be disposed without ending that which Is. And to gain the ability to depose these Powers would transform humanity into something… Else. So accept that we must be Ruled.

Evolution is a slow process, and there are many, many branches that must be pruned to get a tree to bear proper fruit. The Others have almost achieved their goal. When they do, they can Leave.

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