Session #16 – Dwarves don’t swim!

(Better late than never…)

Picking up from last session, the party completed their short rest, and continued deeper into the complex. The next room was full of statuary and even more crypts. Following tracks in the dust, the party investigated a small side passage, when they discovered a member of the group they were chasing after. After a short melee the Khazann, named Jharukh (a wiry, rodent-like sort) parlayed a surrender to the group in exchange for his life and freedom. The short exchange about his attempts to solve a puzzle that was supposed to open a door ended after Dorje Jarvic threatened to use Jharukh’s weapons as spikes to seal doors shut, resulting in the Khazann turning silent. After a quick confirmation (and a further threat to his life by the Dorje) that Jharukh was sworn not to harm the party in any way, or warn his former compatriots, in the next fortnight, the Khazann gathered up his gear and fled the complex (muttering under his breath). With some grumbling from the rest of the party, who would have liked to have talked to Jharukh about “the Vanguard” that had hired him, the group pressed on further, doing their best to avoid traps.

Through the next door the party was again puzzled by the bizarre architecture of the complex.

As a quick aside…

I have to say that this is about the place where I realized just how screwed up this complex was from a design standpoint. What I think happened is that WOTC wanted to cram as much as they could on the module cover, and fill it with as many different terrain options, tricks, and traps as they could.

Which they did.

Yay them.

Unfortunately, this also created a complex which makes no freaking sense! Nobody in their right mind builds tomb complexes like this! There’s no rhyme or reason, crazy transitions from finished areas to natural caves and back again – with all sorts of odd monsters and protections mixed in…

Back to our regularly scheduled Session Report…


With passages leading right and left, the party chose to follow the tracks in the dust to the left. Down a ladder, along a corridor, and around a corner the party came face to face with a goblin shaman, and a handful of animated skeletons – including one of a huge, bull-headed creature with great horns. The melee was quick and dirty, with Dorje Jarvic turning many of the human skeletons, and the rest of the party quickly dispatching the undead and then the shaman.

The chamber itself, some sort of inner vault, also contained a large golden dragon statue as part of a magical pool and fountain. Taking stock of their situation, the party decided to take a short rest and tend to their wounds before continuing on through the next shattered archway that the tomb-robbers had passed through. To their very great surprise and relief the water from the fountain refreshed the party the same as a long nights rest. The party also discovered, the goblin shaman’s gear, a bank note from the Merchant House of Diyes for the amount of 500 silver marks signed by “Xeron” to be paid from the account of the “Vanguard.”

After taking stock, the party them moved on, finding the next passage to be quite different from what they had encountered thusfar. Instead of the ancient stonework and beautiful statuary, the next room was a deep cavern of rough stone with pillars of stone that allowed the party to gradually descend to the bottom – using some of the ropes that the tomb-robbers had left behind. While the party managed to traverse the obstacles relatively easily, Ilda did fall into the waters at the bottom of the cavern. Initially panicked due to her previous dip into water, Ilda quickly clamed after discovering that this water was much more shallow and allowed her to wade through it with some difficulty. She also discovered the somewhat petrified remains of a creature that appears to have been the inspiration for the “eye-monster” puzzle they encountered earlier. Given it’s size the party quickly agreeing that they were glad that it was deceased.

At the far end of the cavern, the party found a small passageway to squeeze through at the top of some scree. Finding a large cavern shrouded in darkness and mist on the other side, the party was alarmed to discover that the passage had disappeared behind them – as well as Rhys, Wren ,and Dhagri!

Cue Dramatic Music!

Fade to black…

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