Session #15 – But wait, there’s more!

This was actually a pretty fun game, though as noted, we had some significant rules questions that came up that were only really resolved after the session ended. It was also interesting, though not surprising to see how the switch in KR’s character swung the game balance around. Instead of a combat-heavy Sorcerer with a Paladin henchman the group now has a multi-classed Druid/Wizard with a much more “support” focus. This wasn’t a bad thing, just an obvious swing in how the group operated – the group is still large enough that it romps-n-stomps through the module encounters for the most part.

Though it does start to point out the major problem with large groups and tight passageways – most of the party can’t see the target or reach them if they can. This is the real “trick up the DM’s sleeve” that I think gets ignored much of the time. In most of the combats this session there were only two, maybe three, physical combatants and half the time most of the rest of the party, even the spellcasters, couldn’t really do anything. As a result both Rhys and Daghri were pretty chewed up by the end of the session, as was Devin.

So, the party made their way down the magical elevator revealed by the “Puzzle of the Eye Tyrant” – and found themselves in a narrow, spiraling passage that took them even deeper underground. A small landing was guarded by a pair of wolf skeletons that were dispatched quickly, but reanimated corpse of an ogre that attacked them on a slightly lower landing was more of a challenge but still quickly dispatched.

Through a small door, the party found a 20-30′ bridge made of aged but sturdy wood spanning a shallow, water-filled chasm. When Rhys offered for the gnomes to go first, it was Ilda who leapt to challenge – only to find that the bridge had been sabotaged. Falling into the water, Ilda was terrified to discover that it was four feet deep – on her four foot and two inch frame (in chainmail and other gear). Devin jumped in to help keep her head above water, but they were both attacked by some unseen creature in the water. After much flailing about, the creature was either run off or dispatched, they managed to get Ilda up and out of the water and the party to the other side – though not before Rhys managed to fall in the water as well…

Following tracks in the dust and detritus left by the ages, the party passed through a door into a larger, octagonal room filled with murals and panels. Here they were attacked by a pair of Hobgoblins and the zombie of strangely feral goblin, larger and more bestial than a normal hobgoblin but not as large as a Black Goblin. The fight was over quickly, but the party was slowly becoming more and more wounded as they pursued the looters deeper into the complex. There was a short debate around taking a short rest, but the fact that the looters were already so deep into the complex suggested that the party needed to keep moving.

Looting the bodies quickly, the party moved on and discovered the next room in the complex was the largest thus far. Bisected by what could be described as a canal for lack of a better word, the party was equally puzzled by the pair of recently dead (drowned) goblins present, lying on the stone floor beside the canal. The water detected as magical, and the party spread out a bit in an effort to figure out what might be going on – and when Devin tried to jump across the canal (instead of trusting the bridge…) he was snatched out of the air by a huge column of water rising up which the proceeded to envelop him. Reacting quickly when they saw Devin start to convulse and drown, they unloaded upon the water with a flurry of spells, released him from it’s grip.

With one more member of the party on the verge of death, the party decided that they needed to take a short rest and allow everyone to regain hit points as well as some spells. Some quick meditation and some music later and the party was in prime shape once again – if starting to dig into resources that they would prefer not to with at least one big fight that they can count upon ahead.

And that’s where pick things up tomorrow!

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One thought on “Session #15 – But wait, there’s more!

  1. DysgraphicProgrammer

    Actually, I believe it was Dogry who dive in after Ilda. Deven QBed from above with a well timed Commander’s Strike.

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