Drowning Tunnel Rats…

…and there are no rules for “drowning” in 5e?

Ok, after the game I found “Suffocation” which makes a certain amount of sense, but really? Indexing FAIL! The rules seem pretty reasonable, but I think a houserule will be that strenuous activity (combat, running, etc.) means that “breath-holding” time is cut in half (otherwise the length of time is utterly ridiculous, especially when measured in combat rounds – I married a former competitive swimmer and they considered this a quite reasonable stipulation). Additionally, falling in (rather than intentionally diving in) requires a Constitution Save, +5 Dif per 10′ fallen.

In other thoughts, “dungeons” really do give my cold, leathery, blackened DM heart a quick pulse of warmth. Big parties, and only a couple of characters can even attack at a time because of the natural chokepoints found in narrow five-foot corridors.

On that note, something also seems off with being able to use two-handed weapons (or weapons with Reach) in such close quarters – at least for human-sized creatures. After gaming, some quick tape-measuring, plus dragging out some weapons really showed the ridiculousness of the situation when it comes to tunnel-fighting. So after some quick reflection when fighting in physically constrained spaces, e.g. a Medium-sized creature in a 5′ wide and 5-8′ passageway, the following rules would be in effect:

  1. Weapons with Reach may not be used.
  2. No Two-Handed Weapons may not be used (Garrotes, Short Bows, Dragon Cannons, Crossbows, Firearms, and Darters are the exempted from this, though Shortbows, Dragon Cannons, Crossbows, Rifles, and Muskets all have Disadvantage).
  3. Regular, One-Handed Weapons are used at Disadvantage.
  4. Light Weapons have no penalty.
  5. When squeezed into a “tight space” (see PH p192) only Light weapons may be used, as well as Tunnel Guns, Manticores, and Wyverns.

This also neatly suggests an additional Fighting Style, “Tunnel Fighter” – When Tunnel-Fighting, the Warrior (or Ranger, or Paladin) get a +1 to Hit an +1 to Armor Class.



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