Session #13 – Kingsholm – R&R&R!

“R&R&R” aka “R-Cubed” = Rest, recuperation, & Replenishment.

The game session yesterday as mainly a paperwork session in many respects, though it had a couple if very surprising results that promise some nice future sessions and fun roleplaying.

The party arrived in Kingsholm, a small city of 1800 urban, and 3600 suburban inhabitants – with another 1800 in surrounding small villages. The seat of Duke Blackadder, it is known mostly for it’s large and ancient graveyard of mausoleums, catacombs, and columbariums.

Knowing that they needed to get their guild memberships in order as well as probably establishing an adventuring company the party was less than interested in these details. Additionally, most everyone wanted the opportunity to do things like finally buy horses and a selection of other equipment, so being in the local seat of power was less interesting compared to being someplace with an alchemist.

I will say, as a DM, that this is where I relatively intentionally dropped the ball. I could role-played the heck out of this but instead merely let people “buy stuff” – even from the places like the local Magic Shoppe (which keeps minor consumables on hand). Yeah, yeah, “theatre of the mind” but I wanted to get a lot done and this was faster – besides, everyone had a fun day anyways.

So, while a couple of characters could avoid guild memberships (Devin Tresendar as a noble, Jarvic as a cleric, and Aneirin as a paladin) everyone else pretty much joined some form of guild. Dhagri got his papers in order with the Mercenaries Guild, and Fonkin made sure that Ren was a member in good standing. Fonkin and Ilda both made the appropriate gifts and paid for the right drinks to get into good standing with La Fortuna (the relatively informal Entertainers Guild), and Gwynneth even joined the Collegium (the Mages Guild) despite being a noble and essentially a foreigner and not exactly needing to.

Rhys, it must be said, spent a lot of money making all of the right people happy – the Mercenaries Guild, the Collegium, and the Syndicate.

The party also spent some time deciding upon a name for their adventuring band, finally deciding upon “The Company of the Spell and Blade” which they then registered with the Adventurers Guild (and thus avoiding the need for individual memberships, or at least pushing that decision off until another day). Lastly, the various party members all ended up getting bank accounts so that they could do something with all the cash they had been accumulating.

After this, Gwynneth (and Aneirin) went off to Silverveil via Navigator to see what she might discover talking with her people there, while Rhys went off to visit his family due to some obligations there (which will allow me to sync up that timeline with this one finally). It remains to be seen if they return in time for the next session’s adventure.

Jarvic arrived at the city’s Kirk, to find out that Dorje and others had been trickling in for the last couple of weeks, summoned by Great Dragons Themselves, and we waiting for his arrival and the coming Revelation. There were a great many councils (many of which had him feeling rather like Frodo and Elrond’s gathering) but in the end it was decided that while he would have the support of the Kirk, that this mission had been given to him for a reason and as such he would be the one to carry it out. While not exactly thrilled with this, Jarvic understood the responsibility and spent some time researching both the Age of Worms and the Maiden of Storms – learning mainly that the Maiden had been a prophet during the days of the Black Empire and her title was better translated as “Maiden of the Oncoming Storm”.

The rest of the party spent the next two months in the city doing research, catching up on personal business, and just generally carousing. This provided the opportunity to roll on the Carousing Table in the DMG, which was pretty amusing as we tried to make sense of it all. Fonkin managed to blackout and spend more money than he intended and Dhagri, valiantly outnumbered, lost a fight with two or three gazebos (he was drunk, so he’s not quite sure how many there were, it was very dark and they kept moving around). Ilda learned that while Dwimmervolk Skald-Gild didn’t have any specific legends of an “Age of Worms” at least a couple of them would make inquiries elsewhere to see if they uncover anything else.

Devin on the other hand…

First, he went to go speak with his brother in order to fill him in on what Devin had discovered about the state of the family lands. He didn’t intend to tell his brother about the prophecy, but it all came spilling out anyways. This wasn’t a disaster, but his brother did bring in Lord Bimmerle, a member of the Quiet Council, to listen and offer advice – thus spreading the news of the Prophecy even further. His brother also suggested that what would be helpful would be for Devin to rebuild the Hunting Lodge/Manor in Phandalin as the start to establishing a Tresendar presence again. While an expensive proposition, Devin agreed that this would be an excellent idea.

After all of that, Devin decided that he was going to spend some time carousing with his circle of friend (aka “the young noblemen”) and after close to two solid months of doing so woke up one morning to find himself enwrapped with marital bliss with a beautiful Tiernaese courtesan by the name of Sabriye. Now, being a courtesan is perfectly respectable profession, but they aren’t generally considered marriage material for gentlepersons of Devin’s station (unless possibly some form of morganatic marriage – which this wasn’t much to the displeasure of Devin’s brother). After some very tense discussions, Devin decided that it would be best to set Sabriye up in her own household (and doing so, incident, at a higher standard than his brother lives). Devin swears that it is a true love-match, and Sabriye certainly seems to be affectionate and to care about him, so there is perhaps some hope that her social skills and charisma can offset Devin’s sometimes flawed social graces.

Lastly, Dhagri managed to avoid a duel after some amazingly crude statements regarding Sabriye upon meeting her, and spent his time hanging out at the Mercenaries Guild. He also was approached with the party’s next possible adventure – someone is messing with the graveyard, would the party care to investigate..?



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2 thoughts on “Session #13 – Kingsholm – R&R&R!

  1. DysgraphicProgrammer

    This, incidentally, is the SECOND time a young noble played by me has found himself accidentally married beneath his station, to the disapproval of his elder brother.

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