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Sweet! New books!

Very cool, I just received my copy of Necromancer Games Book of Lost Spells in the mail, and I did end up buying a copy of Princes of the Apocalypse – the reviews all said that it was much better than the last adventure path and I’m happy to have bought it. Lots of good little bits in it. Give me some time to digest and I’ll do a couple of reviews.

Plus, the Book of Lost Spells makes finishing up some of those codices much easier!

The last steps are being put on a random jewelry/jewels/loot app that uses my methodology for determining value and gems but it’s already running quite well. Many, many thanks to KT for doing that for me! Next up she’s planning on building an app that I can plug things into so it will calculate experience (aka CR) for me – that will make my life much, much easier. I decided to tweak the table in the book slightly – I’m more willing to have higher AC’s so I adjusted the upper limit there and I similarly adjusted the Combat Bonus column. The only thing it is going to serious effect is high level creatures, but some “back of the envelope” number crunching says it isn’t significant because it simply¬†flattens out progression a bit for powerful creatures.

Oh well, back to work!


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