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Session #11 – Cragmaw Castle (Part 2)

Disagreements about experience points aside, everyone continues to enjoy 5E greatly. This session was proof of that again – everyone did their thing, and the bad guys all fell down. I think everyone felt pretty effective, and most everyone was able to use class features and weapons alike.

So, strangely enough, “nothing much” happened this session – by which I mean that the party survived the assault by the remainder of the goblins. Despite some relatively clever maneuvering by the goblins who took advantage of the layout of the western half of the ruins, the ultimately superior firepower (in the persons of Gwyneth, Ilda, and Jarvic) and just general superior prowess in combat (everyone else) was more than enough to prevail.

The group was essentially split, inside and just outside of the kitchens, Rhys being caught in a ceiling trap this session rather than falling into a pit trap – while Gwyneth finally started to unleash “the big guns” by way of a Lightning Bolt – when some archers tried to pin down the party – and discovered how much of a mistake that was. The party had a very bad moment when the goblin shaman attacked them (Inflict Wounds is pretty nasty!), but it was essentially at the end of the fight and the party quickly marshalled themselves and killed them in short order (along with the beast that inhabited the goblin shrine).

Taking some time to recover, the group decided to rest for a short period, while the rogues investigated rest of the keep – discovering the recently decapitated body of a badly beaten dwarf* in what was obviously the goblin chief’s quarters. While the party is unsure, it appears to be the body of their former employer, Gundren Rockseer – they decided to preserve the body and return it to Sildar to do with as he wished.

In fact, after a short discussion, that was the decision of the party – to return to Phandalin and then, assuming that Sildar was in agreement, find Wave Echo Cave with the help of the druid Reidoth. The revelations of the coming “Age or Worms” suggest that the group needs to resolve this local matter quickly so that they can attend to whatever that coming threat is.

Plus, at the very least, Gwyneth has decided that she absolutely has to return home in order to get some decent new clothes…





*Yes, for my players, this is a change from merely having his throat slit. After spending some time reviewing the Players Handbook this was actually the most logical method of killing the dwarf (under the circumstances) in such a way as to make reviving him as difficult as possible.

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