The Warforged, Survivors of the Great Fleet

“I was once a human like you, but the ravages of the Mad God’s War were dire and we chose to transcend weak flesh. Once we served the Iron Court, now we are the Iron Court and we rule what remains of the Old Tierna. We remain warriors, though our war has changed, and comport ourselves with the discipline and focus that this needs. Though born in the chaos of the old world, we do our best to bring order to the new one we find ourselves in.”

-Fifth Scout, Third Company of the Warlord’s Own Regiment


The Warforged are the remnants of the Great Fleet of Tierna. After fleeing from Witch King and the chaos of the aftermath of the Mad God’s War they travelled across the Mortal Realms and eventually ended up in the Great Waste where they survived and ultimately even thrived. A little over three-hundred years ago they returned to the Heartlands of Avalon to retake the remnants of Tierna. The Iron Court holds the secrets of creating Warforged close, and rumors abound about the process – that the Warforged are actually bound undead, summoned fiends, clever constructs that were never actually human, or worse. The transition to Warforged does not merely change the physical form, it also creates a certain remove from the hot-blooded passions of humanity. By human terms the Warforged often come across as dispassionate, but this in no way should be taken as a lack of dedication to their goals, values, or ideals – but their emotions have become abstracted in many ways. They are also rarely found outside the environs of the Iron Court, though a few Warforged have “mustered out” – though this more often translates as “deserted” by the authorities of the Iron Court.

Statistic Modifiers: +1 Strength, +1 Constitution, -1 Charisma, -1 Wisdom

Languages: Old Tiernaese, Tiernaese

Size, Speed, and Appearance: Warforged stand 5′ tall (+2d10), and weigh 160 lbs (x4d4) lbs. Their Size is Medium and their Speed is 30 feet per round. They are somewhat taller and broader than humans, but much heavier. The oldest of the Warforged are barely or even non-gendered, but over time more and more gendered features have been added with new converts. In appearance they are made of plates and cables of metal and stone, with expressionless faces – though their eyes will brighten and dim with emotional intensity. While the basic appearance of Warforged is essentially the same, the various Forges which create them tend to use subtly different materials that can be discerned by those of sufficient knowledge. All Warforged also a set of runes at the nape of their neck with their rank and unit, as well as any titles that they may have been granted.

Common Dress: In the lands of the Iron Court, the Warforged tend to wear battle harness and little more. In other lands they may adopt kilts or robes in acknowledgment of local customs (though they are often mistaken for golems). Rogue Warforged are known to wear all manner of clothing, use bodypaint, as well as various accessories and jewelry – or continue to follow the customs of the Iron Court.

Lifespan: Warforged essentially have no childhood or adolescence, they are at “physical maturity” at the moment of creation. There is a very short (measured in weeks) period of physical acclimation, and since they are all created from a previously living human they all have the basic knowledge of the world and life that might be expected. The upper end of their natural lifespan has not yet been discovered, the oldest among them are over a thousand years old and remember the chaos following the Mad Gods War. They generally begin play at 10 +1d4 years of age.

Common Culture: The culture of the Warforged is rooted and Old Tiernaese military culture and society, but filtered through centuries of survival hidden in the Great Waste and elsewhere. It’s also impacted by the generally dispassionate nature of the Warforged themselves, becoming somewhat more disciplined and intellectual where it is was once filled with soldiers and sailors who frequented bawdyhouses. Centuries of discipline and refinement has also created a military machine that retains a clear hierarchy but is also remarkably egalitarian – the mission matter more than rank. Since returning to the Heartlands, the Warforged have held themselves somewhat aloof from their subjects, somewhat at a loss as to how to deal with …humans. It takes Warforged decades to build up an appreciable predictive understanding of human emotions, as well as the nuanced understanding of their own muted emotional responses (including related concepts as humor).

Common Backgrounds: The Criminal, Outcast, Outlander, and Soldier Backgrounds are most appropriate for Warforged.

Naming Conventions: Warforged choose nicknames from a variety of sources over their lives, formally their “name” if their rank and unit designation in the Great Fleet – with occasional noble titles for those of the greatest achievements.

Common Alignments: The Warforged center around the Neutral alignments – Neutral and Lawful Neutral being quite popular. Due to their changes, Warforged often seem to have odd or obscure views on morality, so they can easily fall into Neutral Evil or less commonly Neutral Good territory, and similarly some also follow the Chaotic Neutral path.

Common Religions: The Warforged almost exclusively worship the Great Elemental Dragons, belonging to a variant philosophy and organization known as the Svastika. Unlike the Quatrefoil, the Svastika espouses a martial philosophy that emphasizes the survival of the fittest along with a dedication to the various aspects of the Great Elemental Dragons. Those few Warforged who don’t belong to the Svastika tend to worship Godlings of the Court of Flint and Steel.

Common Classes:  Preferred — Monk, Fighter, Rogue; Common — Barbarian, Ranger, Paladin; Uncommon — Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard; Rare — Cleric, Bard; Very Rare — Druid

Common Professions: The original Warforged were created out of the Great Army of the Mad God that fled in the aftermath the Mad God’s War, as such they were all members of military units – primarily infantry and scouts. Since then, and especially since returning to Avalon, there have been Warforged created with a less militaristic outlook. To this day, almost the entirety of the Warforged remain loyal to the Iron Court, only a comparative handful have turned their backs on their brethren and struck out to forge a separate destiny.

Racial Traits

Composite Plating: The Warforged construction incorporates wood and metal, granting them a base Armor Class of 12.

Living Construct: Fundamentally the Warforged are a living creatures, albeit ones that have been transformed into sorcerous amalgams of metal, wood, and spirit. As a result of this they are immune to disease, nor do they need to eat or breathe, though they can ingest food and drink if they wish. They are also immune to the Exhaustion condition.

Unsleeping Sentinel: The Warforged have moved beyond the need to sleep. Instead, they settle into a resting state, remaining semiconscious for 4 hours each day, though they are aware of their surroundings. After resting in this way, they gain the benefit of a Long Rest.

Warforged Resilience: The Warforged have advantage on Saving Throws against Poison, as well as Resistance against Poison damage.

Self-Stabilizing:  Warforged have advantage on death saving throws.

Psionics: Reserved

Death: Upon death, the spirit of a Warforged travels to the Realm of the Dead. They may not be Raised or Resurrected, only True Resurrection (and Revivify) works – which returns them to a human body. The same is true for Reincarnation.

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