Waiting for 5e Content…

I really want the new Princes of the Apocalypse hardcover – not because I particularly care about running the adventure, but because I really want Clerical Domains and Arcane Traditions for the four elements. It’s kind of hard to run certain aspects of my game without them. Can’t really have much to do with the En Khoda Theos Kirk – the worship of the Great Elemental Dragons – for example. The Gensai (mechanically) have also had an important place in my game world, but more as “Dragon-marked” individuals rather than elemental equivalents to Tieflings and Aasimar.

Speaking of Dragonmarked, it was nice to see the Eberron piece for the February edition of Unearthed Arcana. I don’t really care about Dragonmarks, but Warforged and Changelings ended up in my gameworld after some significant “backstory” alteration.

The Warforged are the remnants of the Great Fleet of the Iron Court that fled Avalon and the Mortal Realms at the end of the Mad God’s War. Nobody is quite sure how they were “made” – as in are they essentially creatures that are the end result of having their entire bodies slowly replaced by magitech? Or are the souls “downloaded” into new, magitech bodies? Or are they truly a new form of life that the Iron Court has figured out how to create?

Changelings would be an analog to my “Lilim” from the Shadowlands (and actually long pre-dated Eberron, but it’s an easy touchstone for gamers to analogize to). Gender-shifting, shapeshifting, charismatic and seductive, the Lilim are said to be the most favored of the children of Lilith – though in the Mortal Realms that are called succubi and incubi depending upon their presenting gender. Favored as spies, tantrics, and entertainers the Lilim also make excellent thieves, assassins, and monks.

I expect I’ll get around to writing them up the same as I’ve done with the other races. I still want to do Half-Ogres and Half-Trolls, so now I’ll have to decide which come next!

Now, if they would just do something with Psionics… That is probably the one bit of “gaming mechanics” that I really want an official set of rules around because the potential to build something utterly incompatible is pretty high and I’d like to avoid that.

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