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Session #8 – Detour to Diamond Lake

So yesterday was the 8th session of the 5e D&D game – and it’s now starting to branch out into the “larger world” outside of Phandalin. After the small amount of recovery they needed from attack of the forest drake Venomfang outside of the ruins of Thundertree, the party decided that they needed to resupply and perhaps hire some mercenaries for the assault on Cragmaw Castle. Short of returning to the City this means that the nearby town of Diamond Lake was the optimal spot for this sort of thing.

So off the party went, taking the old royal road (now long without repair or upkeep since the fall of Thundertree) to Diamond Lake – a large mining town four days travel east that was profiting quite handily from the Tresendar’s mismanagement of their affairs. The travel was marked by the party stumbling over the lair of a Owlbear, which they dispatched after a short but particularly bloody battle that nearly saw the end of Fonkin until Devin dispatched the beast with a rapier thrust to the eye. The party was also attacked late one night by a small group of hobgoblins, nearly seeing the end of Gwyneth and Rhys both at the ends of their spears.

After a harder journey than they expected, the party arrived in Diamond Lake – a “hive of scum and villainy” if there was ever was one. After some discussion, the party ended up staying a week, while they recovered and decided what to do. While Devin continues to be focused on cleaning his families lands of bandits and goblins, the state of Thundertree with it’s undead and corrupted plants was quite a shock. Reluctantly he agreed to put off the attempt to cleanse the ruins.

After discussing the pricing, duties, and expectations of mercenaries there was the decision not to hire any as they likely couldn’t afford the sorts of mercenaries that they really wanted. Gwyneth and Fonkin both decided to look for henchmen rather than the party looking to hire mercenaries – or rather, as that was the metagame, they created secondary characters to use as henchmen and instead their characters were sought out for a couple of excellent reasons. Gwyneth was found, by an as yet unnamed High Elf Paladin, and Fonkin stumbled across a down-on-their luck and similarly unnamed cousin with skills as a Rogue. The two of them, as well as Ilda, stayed at the remarkably comfortable and agreeable Coachman’s Inn – Ilda arranging (as usual) to provide entertainment in exchange for a break on her stay (and keeping an ear to the ground for rumors and information).

Devin made a point of calling upon and staying with the Mayor, Lanod Neff, for the week and discovered just how venal and corrupt the man was and the true price of his family’s choices. Meanwhile Rhys was utterly unable to resist staying at the Emporium for the full week – and yet somehow managing to make as much money gambling as he spent on wine, women, and song. Between the two of them they were able to see the best and worst of Diamond Lake, which were found in the same place more often than not.

Lastly, Fonkin and Rhys both made enough experience from the session to barely push themselves over the edge to 4th level. While this “merely” granted Fonkin a stat advancement, it was meant that Rhys had finally reached 3rd level as fighter and took the Eldritch Knight archtype.

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