Flavor Text

And Jeff has a great article on women, fashion, and the City State of the World Emperor

As crazy as it is, this is the sort of thing that great campaigns are made of. Weird, bizarre little bits of flavor text – often generated via the craziest of methods.

Come up with greetings, farewells , curses, and aphorisms that you can use to pepper your speech while in character – slang is also helpful for this.

Know, for instance that while being a prostitute (let alone a courtesan) is a perfectly respectable profession that being an actor is considered utterly debased because not only will they engage in sex acts for pay as a performance for crowds of people, they are known to engage in all sorts of bestiality and other perversion as part of their performances.

Also know that “avach” is slang for someone who engages in bestiality (and major insult) while a “shevach” is someone who sleeps with demons (instant grounds for a duel).

Know that a “royal snare” is slang for a hanging, that the “Kistathian Dance” means impaling ala Vlad Tepes, and that “Fallen, Broken, and Bound” is the ultimate Church of the Lords of Light punishment (think of an upside down blood eagle).

Know that the “Mad God’s Crown” refers to someone who is power hungry or mad with power, while “wearing the Shadow King’s silks” means someone who is willing to sleep with anyone or anything to get what they want, and an “unsheathed sword” is someone devoted to art of combat itself rather than having allegiance to any particular person or organization.

Know that Wanderblades are solitary, generally highly skilled mercenaries, that Greyskirts are highly respected temple prostitutes, Grey Traders are fences and information brokers, that Blackblades are assassins.

Build up your world, make it living!



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