The End of an Era…

Yeah, I feel like I’m saying good-bye to an old friend for some reason.

For years, when running my games, I tend to keep a sheet of paper where I track the members of a gaming groups party. It would be organized a little bit like this:

Character Name – Race – Class – Level – AC – HP – Alignment – God/Religion

I’d usually note if they were psychic there as well, perhaps a couple of other base scores if the game was using them. I’d also put Familiars, and companion animals, and henchmen/hirelings on there as needed to know who was in the party. But it was a basic way for me to keep track of things (and have an “official” HP record) – as well as randomize things easier if I needed to. The bottom half of the sheet was basically a scratch-pad for monster HP, marching order, whatever notes I needed to scrawl in the moment, etc.

I have an odd collections of these from throughout the years – including for my big Gencon event I used to run. It was during conventions that this was really useful – playing with lots of people and characters that I didn’t know.

I’ve been doing this on pads of manila paper for years, but I just started up an Excel spreadsheet that I can save, update, and then print out before the game when things have changed. Maybe my eyesight is going, or my darn hand is acting up more now (kind of like my knee), but the handwritten version was getting tedious.

It’s pretty, quite readable – has Honor, and Sanity, and Passive Perception, and even Renown.

But it seems rather antiseptic to me…




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One thought on “The End of an Era…

  1. You ask yourself, “Where are the artifacts? How can I feel the Magic?” It is the joy and sadness of all facets of life. Things change and it sometimes becomes easier to do certain things, but we miss the days when creation took time and we wonder, if we have not lost something in having greater efficiency.

    Change not for fashion or the simple sake of change,
    Long not for ancient days and actions always the same.
    Throw not away the old,
    but use all things to their fullest.
    For when the old is done and laid to its rest,
    Then embrace the new and look forward to each and every test.

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