A pair of Feats – “Timedancer” & “True Speech Mastery”

Timedancer Feat

Prerequisite: Charisma 13+, and permission of the Dungeon Master

Timedancers are connected on a fundamental level to the Temporal Flow, aware of it in ways that the Slow cannot even imagine. Their flashes of insight and ability to manipulate Time in a minor manner grants them the following benefits.

  • Always win Initiative (save vs. other Timedancers with whom they must dice off with).
  • Have Advantage to detect Temporal effects.
  • Have Advantage to all Saves against Temporal effects that normally grant Saving Throws.
  • Gain Saving Throws (without Advantage) against Temporal Effects that normally have no Saving Throw.

True Speech Mastery

Requires Arcane Spellcaster

Gain double Proficiency Bonus in one spell, that spell level cannot be higher than one third the caster’s level at the time of taking this feat. It is always considered memorized.

  • Choose One Metamagic Ability
  • Can convert spell slots into Sorcery Points, these last (unless spent) until next long sleep

(This Feat may be taken multiple times)

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2 thoughts on “A pair of Feats – “Timedancer” & “True Speech Mastery”

  1. Love the Timedancer feat. May have to steal that one.

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