5E – Warlock Patron – The Delian

The Delian

You have made your pact with one of the Delian Powers, the Hidden Masters behind the Delian Order, the Lords of Time. Becoming one of their agents, a “grey cloak” the character leaves the River of Time and moves to the heart of the Deep Time, able to travel across all of Creation, as protectors from threats both esoteric and dire. The Hidden Masters of the Delian Council send agents across time and space to act as observers, looking through their eyes, hearing through their ears, and using them to maintain a presence at crucial junctions of fate and destiny.

Expanded Spell List

The Delian allow you to choose from an expanded spell list when you learn Warlock spells. The following spells are added to the Warlock spell list for you.

  • 1st Level: Alarm, Feather Fall
  • 2nd Level: Aid, Blur
  • 3rd Level: Haste, Slow
  • 4th Level: Confusion, Freedom of Movement
  • 5th Level: Mass Cure Wounds, Raise Dead

Unseen Observer

At 1st Level the patronage of the Delian means that the Warlock has learned to hide within the currents of the River of Time. They may become Invisible at will and all attempts at divining their location or presence have Disadvantage.

Hard to Kill

Existing outside of the normal River of Time, starting at 1st Level, the Warlock Stabilizes automatically upon dropping to 0 HP. The Warlock also regenerates 5HP every hour and is Resistant to Disease and Poison. The Warlock can also grant a small bit of this blessing to others – the Warlock learns the Spare the Dying cantrip.


At 10th Level, the Warlock may tap into and ride the Ley Lines to Teleport as a Reaction. This ability may not be used again until after a Long Rest.


Upon reaching 14th Level the character can touch a target and send a target on a hellish trip through multiple timelines until the end of the characters next turn. If the target is not a Timedancer of some sort it takes 5d10 necrotic damage and 5d10 psychic damage. This feature cannot be used again until the character finishes a long rest.



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3 thoughts on “5E – Warlock Patron – The Delian

  1. This is quite awesome. I must ask you, “What is the Deep Time?” If a Delian Warlock automatically stabilizes and regenerates, how does one kill a Delian Warlock? Do Delian Grey Cloaks actually time travel? – Questions for me, “Can I connect these Delians to Castle Timeless?” and “Are there forces out there fighting for different Time Lines?” Thanks for a grand post!

    • So “Deep Time” is a philosophical construct (there’s a Wikipedia entry) that I first came across reading Caitlin R. Kiernan. I stole the idea the title for the idea of a place in the River of Time (the collection of Timelines) where things have essentially created a deep, deep eddy – it’s not so much the “start of time” or even a place “outside of time” but it’s essentially an artifact of the Primordial Era and the Time Before Time where Creation was much less defined and more fluid.

      If you have never read the novels of the Continuing Time by Daniel Keys Moran I strongly suggest you do so – I think you’ll enjoy them!

      The Grey Cloaks definitely Time Travel, they are able to move along the River of Time as they need to (or are sent). I’m not sure about the 5E power level needed for this, but rather than a specific game effect (though I’m working on that) at the moment I’m working on simply it being a DM artifact to use as needed.

      So the Grey Cloaks essentially act as “Reality Police” (they are the Time Lords of my setting) – the Dearth are fundamentally corrupting, so they are often the primary antagonist of the Delian. But there are other races or groups out there that also either Time Travel or are simply so invasive/parasitic/whatever that they are treated as threats to be combatted. Plus, while the Delians are fundamentally united, they do have different factions (not to the open warfare or even sabotage level, more different philosophies about how to do their job), the odd rebel, the occasional renegade, and rare rogue or wild Timedancer that slips through the cracks and trains themselves.

      Wait for my write-up of the Ichneumon Vorre, they are my “big bad super icky race” that isn’t the Dearth, just horribly parasitic. There are also the Timeweavers (renegade Spellweavers if you remember the race from previous editions) and the at least two other time-travelling races (one a clockwork/warforged race, the other a race of spirits). Lastly, my Old Race (my version of the Gith) are kind of accidental time-travelers, they basically have kind of accidental spread out across the timelines by exploring the deep, deep Astral/Ethereal where the River of Time has strange eddies and pools.

      The Delian Warlock is intentionally hard to kill – in game terms, there is the rule where you simply need to do damage that brings them to their “negative HP” and that just kills them. In general, I would say that even when “killed” the Delian Order simply ganks them back to the Deep Time for some R&R. I would say that a site of death becomes an essentially fixed point for that Timedancer that they cannot revisit.

      Hope this helps! Feel free to ask more questions, this is fun stuff to talk about – it’s just hard to do the infodump without worrying that it is too much.


    • Oh, and I still have the very cool and very simple Bardic “Delian College” package to write up, plus an idea I have for a single archtype (“Delian Agent” or somesuch) that is appropriate for Fighters, Rogues, and Wizards.



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