Khazann, the Goblin-Kin

“You look at me like I am a barbarian. I am not a barbarian, I am a savage – bred to warfare by mages from time out of mind. Blood and fire are our heritage, and we have survived where so many other races have fallen. Out of slavery we have become free to thrive where others are weak. We respect strength and seek it out, both to serve and to test ourselves against. We despise weakness, and when we find it we do what we will and take what we want. Our lust for life is only matched by our willingness to embrace death like a lover.”

-Ulric Khazan, Huntsman in service to the Necromancer, and once Redcap of the Boneripper Tribe.

The Khazann are a race of humanoids created via fell biomantic sorceries during the Wars of Binding as a tool of chaos and terror. Mixing the races of Goblins and Humans, the Khazann breed true within themselves as well as with Humans and all races that Humans can interbreed with. In the years that have followed the Khazann have continued to live amongst both Humans and Goblins, often becoming leaders among the latter race and criminals in the former. At their most beneficent, the Khazann pursue simple bodily pleasures of feasting, dancing, and strenuous athletics. Even so the Khazann are fierce race, bred for war, and at their worst are full of bloodthirsty passions, often driven to rape and slaughter by their inherent nature. In any case, they have strong emotions and tend to be quick-tempered and prone to action rather than contemplation.

Statistic Modifiers: +1 Strength, +1 Constitution, -2 Charisma

Languages: One Human Language, The Dark Tongue

Size, Speed, and Appearance: Khazan stand 4′ 10″ tall (+2d10), and weigh 140 lbs (x2d6) lbs. Their Size is Medium and their Speed is 30 feet per round. Both sexes tend to have muscular builds with greyish-greenish skin. Facially, the Khazann have the pointed ears, prominent fangs, and yellowish, cat-slit eyes. Their hair comes in various shades of brown or black and the Khazann wear their hair in a variety of styles, often mimicking their preferred culture, though various forms of decorative close shaves and topknots are popular.

Common Dress: The most common clothing for Khazann is whatever those Goblins or Humans around them are wearing, often preferring leather and furs as materials. Warriors kit of some sort is often preferred, and the Khazann seem to have a strong preference for body piercings, tattoos, scarification, and branding in addition to any other form of body decoration. Normal wear tends towards the practical for considerations of camouflage and travel, while festive wear can be among the most garish mixes of color and fabrics found among the intelligent races.

Lifespan: Khazann were designed to come to maturity very quickly. They are considered young adults at age 10, considered mature adults at around age 15, and rarely live more than 75 years of age. Identical to Goblins, there is the very rare Khazann (more rarely than occurs with Goblins) who live far beyond the normal lifespan, some reported to be several centuries old. They generally begin play at 10 + 1d4 years of age.

Common Culture: The Khazann are known to live in both human and goblin society. Those raised by goblins generally have a whole host of characteristics that make them unsuitable for living in human society – cannibalism, rape, assault, theft, are all the basic building blocks of goblin society. Those raised in human society are either lucky and blessed enough to have grown up in relatively enlightened surroundings with little prejudice (usually more rural areas, as orphans) or in situations where the full weight of human prejudice surrounds them (usually urban areas). In goblin society they often achieve roles of leadership in some way, either as chieftains or as Redcaps, or as commanders of goblin forces for a human superior. In human society the Khazann are almost invariably relegated to the Lower or Underclass, working as thieves and assassins, brigands and bravos. In both cases, Khazann invariably gravitate to groups that respect strength and physical prowess – or savagery and cruelty as the case may be. The Khazann epitomize the goblin axiom that “Nine fingers own only when the tenth is bitten off” – they are both simple and brutal in their understanding and application of any laws and their place and role in any society.

Common Backgrounds: The Criminal, Outcast, Outlander, and Soldier Backgrounds are most appropriate for Khazann.

Naming Conventions: Khazann, like Half-Elves, often have names that reference both parents in some way. For those raised in Goblin society they will reference both tribe and their nature as Khazann. For those raised in human society “Khazann” is sometimes used a surname, as well as other variants upon that (Goblinkin, Goblinson, etc.).

Common Alignments: The Khazann are plagued by their origins and their nature. They are predisposed to Chaotic ethics, and Evil or Neutral morals. This is not to say that with the proper upbringing or commitment that a Khazann cannot hew to the tenets of the Lawful Good (and there are whole communities of Khazann following the Church of the Lords of Light in Kistath), but they are the exception rather than the rule.

Common Religions: The whispers of the Goblin Court are heard in the ears of all Khazann, and those Godlings often have the majority of worship and veneration by the Khazann, with a distinctly dark version of the Old Faith having the much of the rest. That said, there are Khazann who are drawn to worship of the Great Elemental Dragons, as well as the Horned Society – in addition to those that fall to the worship of the Dearth.

Common Classes:  Preferred — Barbarian, Fighter, Rogue; Common — Druid, Sorcerer, Warlock; Uncommon — Cleric, Paladin, Ranger; Rare — Bard, Wizard; Very Rare — Monk

Common Professions: The Khazann prefer professions that promote violence, even in more intellectual or arcane pursuits. They work as mercenaries or operate as bandits most commonly, also working as street thugs, bravos, and enforcers. Some also work as a bodyguards, and some work as hunters or guides in wilderness and rural areas – rough work as they are often assumed to be willing to lead travellers to their doom. Khazann are also common as slavers, and can often find work for powerful evil humans who need someone to liaise with or command Goblins, Ogres, and Trolls.

Racial Traits

Darkvision: Due to their Goblin heritage the Khazann have superior Darkvision. They can see in dim light up to 60 feet as if it were normal, bright light. They can see in darkness as if it were dim light, not seeing colors, only varying shades of grey.

Menacing: Have Proficiency in the Intimidation skill.

Hardy Constitution: Resistant to Disease and Poison.

Tireless: Khazann can benefit from a Short Rest after 30 minutes, and a Long Rest after four hours.

Bearers of Burdens: Khazan increase their Encumbrance by 150%.

Hard to Kill: When a Khazann is reduced to 0 Hit Points, but not killed outright, they may drop to 1 Hit Point instead. They may not do this again until after a Long Rest.

Savage Attacks: When a Khazann scores a Critical Hit they may roll the weapon’s damage dice one more additional time and add the result to the damage total.

Breeding Frenzy: Roughly once every four months or so a Khazan (male or female) is driven by an essentially irresistible urge to repeatedly mate (the Khazan refractory period is measured in minutes), and it is worth noting the presence of a single Khazan in their breeding frenzy tends to trigger the breeding frenzy in other Khazan. This lasts for 1d6 (+Con Mod) days, and easily (and often) results in violence if their needs are not met. Certain drug regimes (and spells) can temper this period. It should be noted that Khazan are only cross-fertile with Humans, Half-Elves, and other Khazan.

Psionics: None, they are unable to be psionic though there are always rumors of rare bloodlines that able to.

Death: Upon death, the spirit of a Khazan goes either to the Realm of the Dead or to the Goblin Court if they are powerful or holy enough. They may not be Raised or Resurrected, only True Resurrection (and Revivify) works. If Reincarnated they invariably come back as a Khazan, and only in the very rarest of circumstances as a human (or goblin).

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