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What to do next..?

While there will certainly be a post after this coming game session, I’m not sure what to write up next – but here’s a list of things in my mental queue:

  • The Khazan – My version of Half-Orcs, written up as a player race like the other ones.
  • The Delian Warlock Patron and the Pact of the Hourglass – the Delian are an ancient order that lives in the Deep Time and maintains agents across creation looking for both incursions of the Dearth and traces of the dreaded Ichneumon Vorre. They have a mastery of Time, having untethered themselves from many of it’s constraints.
  • The Unborn Warlock Pact – the Witches of the Shadowlands serve the Unborn, the mysterious Neverborn of the Shadowlands who dwell in the liminal space between Life and Death, Being and Nothingness.
  • The (Paladin) Oath of the Sh’elin – the dark knights of the Shadowlands, oathbound in holy service to the Unborn.
  • The (Cleric) Domain of the ‘Elin – the Elect of the Fae, close in spirit to their forebears the Elvendar, serve as the closest analog to priests in the Elven culture.
  • The Sapper Archtype for Fighters (and possibly Rogues, anyone else notice that two of the Rogue Archtypes have five “line items” and could easily be adapted to Fighters?). This is a more Alchemist-flavored nod to the sappers of the Malazan series.
  • There’s wrapping up the bits of Church of the Lords of Light series – giving the game stats for priests who follow the religion.
  • Sorcerer Bloodlines – Elven Scions, Dwarven Truesmiths, Beastmen Sorcerer-Kings, Serpathian Atavisms, etc.
  • I have all sorts of ideas about Wizard Schools – Rune Magic, Alchemy, Hedge Wizardry
  • I also have an interesting idea of another Warlock Pact, that of The Old Power (kind of Druidic flavored one).

I’ve been tempted to build an archtype around firearms, but that seems somewhat antithetical to the 5E spirit – at best some sort of Feat seems a much better fit. I’m also struck by my lack of inspiration for new Paths for Barbarians or Circles for Druids – I’m not sure if it is because they are fine as is, or I’m just not seeing the hole in my campaign that isn’t being filled. There is something niggling about some of the Ebberon stuff I read (never played the setting though, long past my time) and they way they talked about the different groups of Druids that could translate very nicely. I’d have to dig that book out and see if I’m just imagining things.

Anyways, this is your chance to chime in and see if there is anything that you’d really like to see sooner rather than later. Otherwise you are most certainly doomed to my whimsical “as the mood strikes me” method of picking topics.

TTFN and Happy New Year!



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