Went to go see TH: Battle of Five Armies today

I think it was the most faithful to the book of the three movies, but I also think #2 was the strongest of the three movies (I really didn’t care for the first movie, really I didn’t like the portrayal of Radagast and I didn’t like the fight in the mines). They handled the ending as well as they could have I think, and they handled the romance as well as I could have asked for (especially since I didn’t ask for it in the first place).

What this movie does have me thinking of is Wood Elves riding Irish Deer, Dwarves with their War-Boars and Riding Goats, and High Elves and Ringwraiths (and the idea that Galadriel is a Cleric, not a Mage). I’d actually forgotten about Dwarves and Warboars, I think that was a thing with Warhammer Fantasy, but I’ve certainly seen it before someplace. I like the idea of Riding Goats as well, it makes lots of sense. I am so tempted to ad them to my equipment list, but I don’t think either is common enough to make it worth it. I don’t, IIRC, have riding drakes or wardrakes on there either and they are also certainly available if you know where to shop.

The movie also drives home how far afield the Dwarves of my game world have come from the prototypical Tolkienian Dwarf. My Dwimmervolk are based more on High Germanic culture, and my Mountain Dwarves are actually more like “Deep Dwarves” – they dwell and live in vast underground cities. They are not the wandering surface folk portrayed in the movie. Though, now that I think about it, that makes a decent “sub-set” of  dwarf, the wandering outcast who has lost their home to goblins or worse – I suppose that is what “Hill Dwarves” are!

It also reminded me that I had a whole thing written up at one point that every Dwarven city or stronghold had an “Arkenstone” that represented the heart of the mountain and the community. Kind of like the Lia Fáil, or the Stone of Scone, it ratified the Dwarven King as true and served as a source of magical power. I should see if I can dig up those notes to convert to 5e, or just recreate them from memory!

Oh well, it’s late TTFN and I hope everyone had a good holiday!



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