Ok, also figured out a name for the new campaign…

The Siyahchal Campaign.

I’ve also basically decided where to set it – down south in what was the old Duchy of Loren in Albion, on the borders of the small realm of Mystvale and Old Aquitaine (ignore the quick revision of the old campaign…). Somewhere up on the northern border, near the Ossian Tanglehills – if I’m going to keep the old Mystryvven Campaign relevant I need them to be on the border, in hilly country, near to some mountains, and ideally a coast as well – and that is a vaguely decent enough area. Rich in history and lore, close to all sorts of things now that I think about while writing this. My first thoughts were that beyond the proximity to Mystvale (one of the two independent elvish kingdoms in the Heartlands) it was near the remnants of Tiernaese culture and even relatively close to both Lindesfarne (the home of the Sacred Grove of the Old Faith and the Bardic Colleges) and Tysfar (kind of my version of Waterdeep, plus home to a reskinned Undermountain). But as I think about this also gets the game close to the Great Tor (site of the first great blow against the Witch King in the Wars of Binding and one of the most holy sites of the Old Faith) and the Well of Souls (portal to the Realm of the Dead). Heck, the old County-Palatine of Morrow isn’t that far away when I think about it – and that is/was the domain of an old PC of one of my current players. It’s probably its own small kingdom now.

All of this makes things full of great potential.

The Ossian Clans are a richly neo-Celtic culture compared to the rest of the Heartlands, which actually makes them an excellent neighbor to Mystvale. The exotic nature of Tiernaese culture (think a fantasy Turkish/Ottoman Empire) makes those remnants equally interesting – not to mention the presence of the Iron Court. There is also the remnants of Albion to the south, now a collection of smaller kingdoms and independent states that grimly hold the line against the Blight and the depredations of the Ravengers that cross over the Barrier Peaks. In any case, it’s easy to set both Phandelver in this area as well as a Diamond Lake, an Oakhurst, or even a Barrow’s Edge. I had wanted to spend the time to create a homebrew “starter village” but I suppose I don’t have to.



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