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Society of Light – Part 5

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As large and encompassing as the Church of the Lords of Light, all those who work with the Celestial Hosts do not full under it’s rubric – nor are all of the Celestials in accordance with how to pursue the War Without End. Some of these organizations are well-respected by the Church, being recognized as members of the Greater Society of Light that have different connections to the Celestials than the Covenant of Enoch.

  • The Healers of Sc. Estor – Perhaps the best known of the Orders that do not fall under the Seal of the Lord Sc. Metatron, the “Green Friars” or “Green Cloaks” (as they are often known) are renowned as healers and have chosen to coexist with the Church by creating monasteries and chapter houses similar to those of the Orders Anchorite and Mendicant. In truth, most members of the Church do not fully realize that the Estorians are not members of the Church proper.
  • The Endorian Warrior Monks – Equally as renowned as the Healers of Sc. Estor, the Warrior Monks of Endor maintain a series of monasteries across the Mortal Realms. Masters of the martial arts, the Endorians wander the realms, bringing justice, healing, and wisdom to those in need. More obviously not members of the Church, they are nonetheless deeply respected, and are friends no commoners and nobles alike.
  • The Sabean Order – Little known and secretive, the Sabean Order likes to think of itself as the “pragmatic cousin” to the Church of the Lords of Light. More “neutral good” than “lawful good” the Sabeans work with all Celestials not merely the Host, as well as good-aligned Dragons, Fae, and Giants (and neutral as well if need be) – often acting as spies and assassins as often as they fight on the field of battle.
  • The Tamarines – With their robes of many colors and ash-marked faces the spiritual sons and daughters of Tamar dwell deep within the Desolation of Hazor in the Tower of Absalom. Led by the descendant of Tamar herself, the women are mystics and prophets, while the men are assassins who seek vengeance for the crimes witnesses in drug-fueled visions. They can be found throughout the realms, doing their bloody work in the darkness and the shadows.

Others however are viewed as heretics by the Church and not considered part of either the Church of the Lords of Light or the greater Society of Light, even though they may have been accepted at one time.

  • Rite and Benediction of the Congregation of the Triune – A short-lived Rite that was declared heretical within a generation of it being founded, the Triune was established with a group of angels fell from grace when they lay with women and spawned a race of monsters – fair in form, black in heart. While it still exists in small hidden communities, it is ruthlessly stamped out wherever it is found by the Church, wary of the monsters that can be hidden within their midst.
  • Order of the Blessed Knights of the Triune – An Order Militant that is associated with the Triune Rite, it is equally small and hidden at this point, working in secret to protect the members of the Triune Rite from the enemies both within and without the Church. Considered as skilled in the skills of the knife and cloak as the Siccari  by those who know of them, they are quite feared by the hierarchy of the Church.
  • Children of the Revelation – An extremely heretical sect unrelated to the Triune Rite (and never actually a formal part of the Church), the Children of the Revelation are a sect that practiced (or practices, their extinction is unconfirmed) a radical form of prophecy involving altered states of consciousness derived from a series of intense ecstatic experiences. Though similar (and much less intense) practices are used by the Church, these were of such a nature that the Children were deemed to be heretics on the verge of Apostasy.


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Ok, also figured out a name for the new campaign…

The Siyahchal Campaign.

I’ve also basically decided where to set it – down south in what was the old Duchy of Loren in Albion, on the borders of the small realm of Mystvale and Old Aquitaine (ignore the quick revision of the old campaign…). Somewhere up on the northern border, near the Ossian Tanglehills – if I’m going to keep the old Mystryvven Campaign relevant I need them to be on the border, in hilly country, near to some mountains, and ideally a coast as well – and that is a vaguely decent enough area. Rich in history and lore, close to all sorts of things now that I think about while writing this. My first thoughts were that beyond the proximity to Mystvale (one of the two independent elvish kingdoms in the Heartlands) it was near the remnants of Tiernaese culture and even relatively close to both Lindesfarne (the home of the Sacred Grove of the Old Faith and the Bardic Colleges) and Tysfar (kind of my version of Waterdeep, plus home to a reskinned Undermountain). But as I think about this also gets the game close to the Great Tor (site of the first great blow against the Witch King in the Wars of Binding and one of the most holy sites of the Old Faith) and the Well of Souls (portal to the Realm of the Dead). Heck, the old County-Palatine of Morrow isn’t that far away when I think about it – and that is/was the domain of an old PC of one of my current players. It’s probably its own small kingdom now.

All of this makes things full of great potential.

The Ossian Clans are a richly neo-Celtic culture compared to the rest of the Heartlands, which actually makes them an excellent neighbor to Mystvale. The exotic nature of Tiernaese culture (think a fantasy Turkish/Ottoman Empire) makes those remnants equally interesting – not to mention the presence of the Iron Court. There is also the remnants of Albion to the south, now a collection of smaller kingdoms and independent states that grimly hold the line against the Blight and the depredations of the Ravengers that cross over the Barrier Peaks. In any case, it’s easy to set both Phandelver in this area as well as a Diamond Lake, an Oakhurst, or even a Barrow’s Edge. I had wanted to spend the time to create a homebrew “starter village” but I suppose I don’t have to.



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