Ok, the “Creating New Races” excerpt from the DMG…

Very cool.

I am very happy that we’ll have “official” Aasimar (and Eladrin), I just hope that Warforged are still in there as was mentioned back a couple of months ago.

So far my only real complaint about a “lack” looks like it will be psionics – with the added complaint that it looks like it could easily be a couple of years before anything official comes out because of the stated release schedule. This really sucks, because psionics and psychic stuff was and has been a big thing in my game world. I really hope I don’t have to kitbash something together in order to replace it later – I’m really trying quite hard to avoid that sort of thing.

Of course, I already have a couple of ideas of course – at least for psychic combat and defense, and basic discipline type stuff. But I pretty sure that I don’t want to have to come up with a Psionicist class all by myself…


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2 thoughts on “Ok, the “Creating New Races” excerpt from the DMG…

  1. I’ve really enjoyed psionics and psionicists, ever since Arthur Collins’ articles on psionicists and the Deryni in Dragon Magazine, but psionics really have always been the weird uncle by marriage of the D&D family. It is either a completely kludged together system or magic wearing a different shirt. Having admitted that, I must say I prefer the kludged together system, I want psionics to be something different. If done right, Clerics and Druids feel inherently different than Wizards and Warlocks; so should Psionicists. I hope they do them right, when they get done.

    • Yeah, the Collins’ articles have had a honored place in my binders since their publication. I’m also a fan of the kludgy methodology, and hope that’s what we end up with. The new archtypes system also makes the potential for classes and subclasses even easier now and I’m actually looking forward to it a fair amount – hopefully not to be dashed by poor execution…


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