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Ok, the “Creating New Races” excerpt from the DMG…

Very cool.

I am very happy that we’ll have “official” Aasimar (and Eladrin), I just hope that Warforged are still in there as was mentioned back a couple of months ago.

So far my only real complaint about a “lack” looks like it will be psionics – with the added complaint that it looks like it could easily be a couple of years before anything official comes out because of the stated release schedule. This really sucks, because psionics and psychic stuff was and has been a big thing in my game world. I really hope I don’t have to kitbash something together in order to replace it later – I’m really trying quite hard to avoid that sort of thing.

Of course, I already have a couple of ideas of course – at least for psychic combat and defense, and basic discipline type stuff. But I pretty sure that I don’t want to have to come up with a Psionicist class all by myself…


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