Started playing 5e today… (Session #1 – Goblin Arrows)

Not sure what to call the campaign yet (I’ll backtag it when I figure things out). I have a collection of ideas around what I want to do but for the moment I’m going to run them through the starter module, Lost Mine of Phandelvar. It’s a small group right now, just the household – but them plus an NPC gets the group to four PC’s (you can see them on the character page). I decided to “reboot” Rhys from the Mystryvven Campaign as a 1st level character and to provide a link to those characters from that campaign if and when I want it – the goal there was always to do the Age of Worms adventure path and I think I could still make that work (if you can run Rise of the Tiamat, then the end-game of Age of Worms certainly isn’t out-of-hand). I think running Scourge of the Howling Horde would pair nicely with Phandelvar as would Sunless Citadel (that’s probably more wishful thinking on my part, it isn’t actually a great match – it’s just a great beginning module).

In any case, we played for a short bit – handled the goblin ambush with no losses (though both Rhys and Fonkin were wounded) and the group then decided to follow the hidden trail. The lack of bodies for Gundar and Sildar suggested that they were prisoners (or food) rather than death, and the stated reasons were to “do the right thing” and rescue their employers from goblins while at least Rhys and Fonkin were equally as concerned with getting paid if Gundar was actually dead. So they followed the trail, neatly avoiding the traps along the way, and found the Cragmaw Hideout! Taking the opportunity to take a short rest and to let Rhys and Fonkin heal, that’s where we stopped the session – just as they are preparing to enter the caves…



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2 thoughts on “Started playing 5e today… (Session #1 – Goblin Arrows)

  1. I started my 5E game, yesterday (2014.11.09). It went well, too. I’m looking forward to seeing how my updated modules blend with the players desires to run their own goals. I think it is going to be lots of fun.

    • Everyone commented on how much they liked combat in 5e, even our short little non-ambush. The same with other skill use and the way that cantrips really freed the characters (given that we have three spellcasters) from fear of using up their spells – Vicious Mockery for the win!

      As old 1e players they weren’t exactly put off by two of the characters almost dropping in the fight but everyone’s eyes popped out when after the short rest everyone was back at full. It is going to be very interesting to see how this changes game-play and resource management.

      We are all looking forward to the next session, and I think it is going to be a real test of the characters.


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