5E – Ranger Archtype – The Huntsmen

Astute readers will likely note the similarities to the Huntsmen of Annuvin from Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain series – and well they should. These are modeled in most ways upon them, though they also owe a nod to the Valley of the Earth Mother from Dragon magazine #102, where the idea of an “anti-Ranger” was given written form. In any case, I really need to have these figured for my game world and this is what I came up with for 5E.


The Huntsmen

Amongst the lore of Rangers there are tales that speak of a dreaded brotherhood sworn to the death and who work in the service of evil cults and leaders in the wilds and ruins of the world. In many ways the antithesis of everything that Rangers normally stand for, Huntsmen are wild and savage and their secret rites of blood unite them unto to death and even beyond.

Brotherhood of Death

At 3rd level, allied as they are to Death, Huntsmen have Advantage when saving against both Fear and Enchantments. More importantly, when a member of the Huntsmen is within 30′ of another member of the Huntsmen who dies they immediately gain a 1d10 points of healing (which may grant temporary Hit Points) and gain Advantage on their next attack. Any Temporary Hit Points disappear after a Short or Long rest.

Huntsman’s Horn

When reaching 7th level, the horns and cries of Huntsmen can cause Fear to all foes within 30′ – those foes who fail a Wisdom check will drop what they are holding and take a Dash action away from the Hunstmen each round until they succeed at a Wisdom check – they are also under the Fear condition.


For Huntsmen of 11th level, their bloodlust has grown strong indeed. As a result, upon drawing blood against an opponent they may add their Proficiency bonus to Damage against that opponent, and have Advantage on all Tracking and Perception checks related to that foe.

Reaper’s Prize

Finally, at 15th level a Huntsman reaches the point where they actually feed upon death of living things, gaining Hit Points for each death within 30′ equal to their Proficiency Bonus plus their Wisdom modifier, doubled if they struck the killing blow themselves.

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