5E – Bardic College of Tantra

College of Tantra
Bards of the College of Tantra are more than mere musicians, in fact their skills as a musician pale in comparison to their social graces at formal balls and social companions. Renowed for their skills in the bedchamber, these bards (more commonly known as “Tantrics”) are also skilled as performers of all sorts (dancing, poetry, etc.) and for their ability to provide other sorts of amusing companionship (gaming, etc.) in the service to their lovers, patrons, and friends. Far more than prostitutes, the greatest of courtesans and hetaera are counted among their number. What is far well less known is that Tantrics also provide some of the greatest spying services in the Mortal Realms, using pillow-talk and overheard conversation alike to have a deep understanding of the structures and pathways of power in whatever realm they live in. Most Tantrics find themselves a patron of some sort, and are known as “Chained Tantrics” for this reason (often exchanging a chain with the patron as a lover’s token) while “Free Tantrics” wear their chain proudly, choosing lovers as they wish. Gathering at balls, salons, and wherever the rich and powerful gather, Tantrics are a powerful but quiet network that moves behind the scenes working towards various ends. Lastly, a secret group of Tantrics known as the “Dakini” operate as a hidden force that protects members of the College from unwilling servitude or hostile action. Tantrics may use their Tantric’s Chain or Performance skill in lieu of a musical instrument as an Arcane Focus.

Bonus Proficiencies
Tantrics gain proficiency in a gaming set, their cosmetics (disguise) kit, and the exotics weapons of Razornails, Warfan, Fighting Chain, and Playing Cards

Lover’s Favor
The Tantric may bestow their Bardic Inspiration dice upon their intimates without a musical performance within the last 10 minutes, but must be able to indicate that the target has their favor. Furthermore, the intimates of the Tantric may add the Tantric’s Charisma bonus to Bardic Inspiration dice rolls if accompanied with a kiss, other intimate gesture, or token of favor.

Alluring Form
Upon reaching 6th level, the characters entrancing form and persuasive words can magically enthrall another creature. As an action, choose one other creature that you can see within 30 feet. If the target can see you it must make a saving throw (Wisdom) or be charmed by the Tantric until the end of the Tantric’s next turn. The Charmed creature’s speed drops to 0, and the creature is incapacitated and obviously infatuated. On subsequent turns the Tantric can use their action to maintain this effect, extending the duration till the end of their next turn. However the spell ends if the Tantric is ever further than 30 feet away from the creature or if the creature loses sight of the Tantric. If the creature takes damage they may make a saving throw (Wisdom) to end the effect. Once the effect ends, or if the creature succeeds on it’s initial saving throw, it cannot be used again on that same creature until the Tantric takes a long rest.

Withering Glare
At 14th Level the Tantric may stagger or freeze people in their tracks with a withering glare as an Action or a Response. The creature must be within thirty feet, and upon being targeted suffer Disadvantage on their next action. They must also make a saving throw (Wisdom) or they are staggered and stand transfixed, Incapacitated until their next action. Upon a successful save the Tantric may not try this again on the same target until after a long rest. Creature immune to Charm are immune to this ability.

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