Couples of Thoughts Regarding 5E

So, like I said, I’m in the process of switching the game over to 5E. In some ways this isn’t so hard given the sheer amount that I’ve stolen from later editions (or similar ideas that I’ve developed in parallel or taken from other games), in other ways it does still require a pretty hardcore re-write of the PC races, and I had to come up with rules for Firearms and Darters (I can post those later I like what I’ve done), and with the idea of “bounded accuracy”  it’s let me go back to my home-brew for magical metals (an idea I essentially stole form Iron Crown Enterprises) that have some significant effects (Advantage, Disadvantage, etc) either as weapons or as armor but which don’t provide bonuses to hit. I’ll enjoy posting those at some point here soon as well.

Here is the stuff I’m struggling with, though I’m keeping it in for the moment…

  • Decreasing effectiveness of Dexterity for AC with heavier armour. This is stupid. It has no basis in reality (have you seen that video of the guy doing somersaults in plate/) and all it means is that at some point the Thief is going to have the same AC as your fighter in full plate. That. Is. Ridiculous. Probably the first thing I’m going to drop.
  • The way Divine Domains plays with bonus proficiencies and Religion. I like the Domains a fair amount, but much of this doesn’t work with the way my religions work at all. I’m not sure how I’m going to fix this, but I am definitely going to have to mess with it somehow.
  • Dwarves can be wizards. This is so wrong to my fading 1E eyes I’m not even sure what to do with it. I could just handwave it out of existence but I hate doing that as well. I think what is going to happen is that Dwarven wizards are treated similar to the way Dwarven Psychics are – but more so. You don’t have a choice if you are born a Psychic (or even a Sorcerer), but you have to actively seek to become a Wizard. So you just get cast out  immediately and join the ranks of the derrokin – the clanless and the crazed. The cultural prohibitions are just too high. When there is some version of Runemaster School or an Alchemist class, that’s where we’ll see our culturally embedded Dwarven Wizards.
  • I really don’t understand the CR system. They seem somewhat random and I kind of wish that they had just went with straight up XP points. Maybe the Monster Manual or the Dungeon Master’s Guide will explain this a bit better, but at the moment it just seems as a kludgy holdover from another edition.
  • Why the hell can’t they just write up “monsters” that are PC races as leveled characters? This is the one thing I actually actively despise for some reason. It seems needlessly complicated to me. Plus, combined with the kludgy CR system, it means that I really have no good sense of the power of a PC compared to an “X” (and no, that chart in the free MM doesn’t help at all).

Anyways, those are the highlights of my “problems” with 5E, all easily surmountable.



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