Social Class (Revised) – 5E

Social Class adds one step to the character creation process. The player chooses a social class as well as a Background. Part of this system is the understanding that this is merely the social class that the character has the most experience with. So you could take the Lower Class Noble for a disgraced and disposed Noble, or Upper Class Criminal for a noble with a criminal background or enterprise. As a further example, someone from the Upper Class could be a noble, or they could be a well-regarded servant, or they could be the agent of some noble family. It is also important to realize that these social classes leave their stamp upon the character in the same way that the characters Background does. It will take a Performance roll for a character to obscure or otherwise imitate another social class, the difficulty depending upon the difference in classes. E.g. it is easier for a member of the Upper Class to impersonate a member of the Ruling Class than it is for them to impersonate a member of the Lower Class.

Starting Gold: 1d4x10 SP
Starting Clothing: Beggars Quality
Feature: “Squalor” – The character is used to surviving on the barest of essentials and under the most extreme depths of poverty and hardship. Alternately, the character was once a slave and is used to living under the threat of death or the lash, or worse. Best of all they are practiced at being faceless, nameless, and beneath the notice of everyone save other members of the Underclass.

Lower Class:
Starting Gold: 3d4x10 SP
Starting Clothing: Commoners Quality
Feature: “Streetwise” – The character is experienced with the streets and the underworld. As a result they know who to speak to, where to go, and how much things are valued in such settings. They are adept at ferreting out such things in places familiar and unfamiliar.

Middle Class:
Starting Gold: 5d4x10 SP
Starting Clothing: Merchants Quality
Feature: “Thrifty” – The character is well-skilled in trade and negotiation, as well as knowing the value of goods and services that are available on the market. As a result they have a good sense for the prices for trade goods and regular services that are legal and/or non-magical in nature.

Upper Class:
Starting Gold: 7d4x10 SP
Starting Clothing: Gentleman’s Quality
Feature: “Intrigue” – The character has lived a life surrounded and immersed in intrigue. They are knowledgeable of the factions and power structures and adepts and detecting the machinations thereof, often being able to discern the “hidden hand” that moves groups and society.

Ruling Class:
Starting Gold: 9d4x10 SP
Starting Clothing: Nobles Quality
Feature: “Aristocratic” – The character is well used to a life surrounded by pomp and circumstance. They are used to giving orders and having them obeyed. This air of command and general self-assurance can come across well in a high Charisma character and extremely poorly in a low Charisma one – in most cases everyone either looks to the character to be in charge or assumes that they are.

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