Long time no post…

Yeah, it’s been busy here on the home front. Though some of that has been tweaking and revising older content for D&D 5E. I’m going to leave the old content up for people who still play AD&D (and who knows, I may play it again at some point) but I’m pretty firmly on the 5E bandwagon at this point.

Never thought I’d say this, but I’m actually excited about the new edition. Some of it is going to require some major revision to work in my world (Goblins for example) and some it just requires some extras (like the player races). I like what I see so far in the Player’s Handbook and the pre-info for the Monster Manual, I’m cautiously optimistic about the Dungeon Master’s Guide mostly because I want to see what the customization rules are as well as more complete rules for magical items. I already have my own thoughts on some of that, and I’m kind of iffy on how it looks like the attunement rules are going to play out, but I’ve never had a problem with a “high magic world”.

Hell, given that the new standard is Forgotten Realms I’m going to be real interested in how they resolve that little conundrum…

I had kind of tried to hold out until the DMG came out to start my customizing because I really didn’t want to duplicating work, but I plan to be starting a campaign again before it comes out and my setting is anything but a standard D&D setting. LOL!

So, a handful of new backgrounds (a couple adapted from elsewhere), a new Warlock Pact, a new Bardic College, a new School of Magic, some new Feats, Social Class, Magical Metals for Weapons and Armor, a far clearer way to talk about vehicle proficiencies than the kludgy way they did it in the PH, and updated races. That’s what I have so far, and there is more coming up as I get it finished – more races, a tweaked way to handle religion and Divine Domains, fix Familiars a bit, a new Sorcerer Bloodline, and a couple of more Warlock Patrons are what immediately comes to mind.

Good luck,


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9 thoughts on “Long time no post…

  1. starting a campaign?

    • Yeah, I’m starting to get there. Been reading all the 5E stuff, liking what I see, finding the conversion process pretty easy. Definitely a streamlined game, definitely a friendly game – and the chargen process is actually pretty inspiring for people it seems.


  2. I haven’t looked at the 5e stuff yet. I’ve been playing in a 4e game, The one thing that I like about the system is that I have a clear menu of options in combat. Otherwise, meh.

    The DMing is also not up to the standards to which I have become accustomed.

    Although I shouldn’t complain too much, because the party just bought a old and busted windship called “The Broken Wind”, and we are using it to chase down a red dragon with a grudge.

    • LOL! Very kind words. Check out the WOTC website, there is a free Download of an abridged Player’s Handbook that has all the rules but has a limited number of classes and spells. Totally worth checking out.


      • It was worth checking out. But I should have known that I couldn’t read that without creating a character….

      • Yeah, and that really is an abridged version – the PH has lots more options. What did you come up with?

  3. Mainly just the character idea, not the stats and such. I kind of got excited when I tried to figure out why a Noble would go adventuring so:

    Name (temporary): Devin

    Concept: Impoverished Noble

    The 2nd brother of a (Baron? Lord?) from an unimportant corner of the kingdom. His late father was a drunkard and a gambler. Father lost most of the family fortune at the card table, and in ill-conceived business deals. The family is in debt to most of the neighboring nobles and the Dwarven bank. Thankfully, Devin’s oldest brother is actually competent administrator, and is managing to run the district fairly well, and keep all the plates spinning. Unfortunately, the people are already taxed as much as they can stand, and it barely covers the interest payments after expenses. There is a lot of potential in the land, but there is no money for needed capital improvements. So the family and the district need more money. Worse, the king and the other nobles distrust them for some reason. Devin has refused to take an allowance, and he looks for ways to bring new capital to the district and to win back his family’s honor. He has heard that adventurers have been known to find fabulous wealth….

    Background: Noble

    Personality Trait: 6 “Despite my noble birth, I do not place myself above other folk. We all have the same blood.”
    Devin grew up watching the farmers and blacksmiths working hard to provide the riches that his father squandered. As a result, the has a somewhat more egalitarian view of life then his peers. Everyone must do their part if all are the thrive, and this applies equally to workers and to leaders.

    Ideal: 6 “It is my duty to protect and care for the people beneath me. (Good)”
    It’s not just for his family that Devin quests, but for the common people the district. If they could afford to build a new aqueduct, then the western farms could be self-sufficient. If they could extend the trade road, then the merchants in town could halve their costs. If his family could get out of debt, then the taxes could be lowered. So much that needs doing….

    Bond 6: “The common folk must see me as a hero of the people.”
    The common people hated and reviled Devin’s father, and he can’t really blame them. He has sworn that HE will not be seen as a bully or a burden. Instead, he will do what he can to help everyone.

    Flaw 6: “I hide a truly scandalous secret that could ruin my family forever”
    Devon found some… things in this fathers papers. His father didn’t just pay his debts in coin. He was certainly selling information to neighboring kingdoms. We was probably aiding smugglers and spies as well. Surely he wasn’t ACTUALLY involved in covering up for slave traders? Devon burned what he found and told no one. How much did the king know? He must know some. That would explain the distrust. He can’t know all. Some of what was in those papers carried the death penalty.

    Alignment Neutral Good
    Class: Probably Fighter, but not a champion archetype. Maybe something more swashbuckling?

    I was going to just roll on trinkets when I did the stats, but I saw (57 An indecipherable treasure map) And I thought that would be just the thing that would set him out with stars in his eyes.

    • That is a pretty impressive start to a character actually! I can certainly work with that set of stuff. Very cool!

    • Oh, and yes, there is another Fighter archtype, a… um… Weapon’s Master(?) who gets to learn a whole bunch of special maneuvers. Sounds like that is what you are looking for.

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