Converting “Chicago Unseen” to Witchcraft

One of the critiques of Witchcraft is that it is nothing but a World of Darkness clone. There is, I have admit, some truth to that. There are many protestations that this isn’t the case but if folks are being honest I think you have to admit it. That said, it does kind of make it easier to convert a Chronicle from one system to the other.

But it does mean that you have to decide how to translate certain concepts if they played a large part of the original. For example, there is essentially no analog to the Avatar from Mage, so if that was an important part of the chronicle (as it was for us) you will need to decide if there is something from the Unisystem that can work or if you need to come up with your own Quality to explain it (which is our method, though we’re saying that this is a Quality akin to True Immortal and represents a connection to some other type of remnant from the Elder Kingdoms.

But do you use the Storm Dragons? Or the Akashic Brotherhood? I have to say that I like the Akashics better than I like the Storm Dragons – though I think the rules for martial arts are overly complicated and rather kludgy. They may get a re-write.

Similarly, the Nephandi are just way more fleshed out and cooler than the way they present the cults of the Mad Gods. I can’t say that I’m thrilled with the Combine, but the canon Technocracy isn’t much better. Luckily, the version of the Technocracy we came up with made much more sense and actually probably works better in Unisystem in general and the Witchcraft setting in specific.

But I have to say that while Witchcraft still tries a little bit too hard to do the “world-wide secret society” thing with it’s Covenants, they are still a million times better than the Traditions/Clans/Tribes of the World of Darkness.


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