And now for the morning news…

Yeah, I’ve been busy with work and not paying attention to my long-neglected blog here…

Let’s see here, I pledged to a handful of Kickstarters – the CoC 7th Edition, the Islands of Ignorance Companion, and I’m hopeful that I’ll see my copy of Sense of the Slight-of-Hand-Man soon as well. I *really* want my copy of Pulp Cuthulhu now…

I finally received my copy of the new Traveller along with all of my goodies. As much as I wanted to love it, it’s kind of a trainwreck. Not so much in the rules themselves but in the sheer disorganized mess that the rulebook is. All of the -Makers in there, while I can understand why they are a part of the main rules given the history of Traveller, just add a huge level of confusing bloat given the lack of good organization.

Some of the ideas I really liked, the changes to character generation were actually pretty decent as near as I can tell (again, some of the lack of organization creates some real confusion). I look forward to integrating the new rules as part of my CyberTraveller 2200 campaign – I’ve always integrated Cyberpunk Lifepath with the Traveller Extended Character Generation in some very cool ways.

On a totally different note, I’ve gone around and been poking at the old “Chicago Unseen” setting that my spouse first ran and that we then ended up running together. It was a oWoD mashup based on the Mage game, but as much as we used much of the canon setting we trashed much more, and eventually couldn’t keep using such a cool but almost impossible to use magical system. So what I’ve been doing is looking at the old Witchcraft and Armageddon games first by Myrmidon Press and later by Eden Studios. I’ve had copies of the original rules for awhile now and always thought they would make a decent alternative to the White Wolf rules. I’ve bought things like Dresden Files and Savage Worlds hoping that these would be the solution but as decent as they are I just could quite make then work.

The Unisystem rules really seem to fit the bill, as long as being simple enough to tweak those couple areas that we’d need to manipulate to create a vision of an occult world that fits our own better. Plus, the existence of the multiple power levels available when looking at both games combined is a real benefit. We’d ended up with characters and NPC’s who arguable would have been Avatars and Inheritors (or Enlightened) by the time we gave up on the oWoD rules and it would be nice to have a rules-set that would allow this more easily.

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2 thoughts on “And now for the morning news…

  1. DysgraphicProgrammer

    The Dresden Files RPG looks like a really cool system. I’d like to play it sometime.

    • It is a pretty decent system from the looks of it, but it’s so setting-specific that it really isn’t suitable unless you want to play in the Dresden universe. There is nothing wrong with that, save that unless you are playing Harry the world isn’t nearly so interesting. We also have the rules (and the half that have been published so far) for the Rogue Mage setting as well, but it actually seems to support playing something other than some rough analog of the main character.


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