Spiritual Blade (Mage Spell) (1e)

Spiritual Blade (Evocation)

  • 5th Level Mage Spell
  • Range: 30′
  • Area of Effect: Special
  • Duration: Special
  • Components: VSM
  • Casting Time: 5 Segments

This spell is similar in effect to the Priests Spiritual Weapon spell, but it is significantly more versatile and powerful. The mage may choose one of four effects when casting the spell:

  1. The caster selects a single target within range. The spell lasts for one round per level, and is able to strike once per round (as the caster), for 2d4 damage, striking as if from the Rear (no Dexterity, no Shield, and +2 To Hit), and furthermore gaining a +1 To Hit for every three levels of the caster.
  2. The caster selects multiple targets within range, up to a limit of the casters level. The spell is instantaneous, and each target is struck once, as above.
  3. The caster selects a single target within range. The spell is instantaneous, and strikes a single time, as above, save the damage is 2d4 per level of the caster.
  4. The caster casts the spell upon an actual sword that they then wield, this sword gains a +1 To Hit for every three levels of the caster, does an additional +2d4 damage per strike, and the spell lasts either one round per level of the caster or a number of strikes (successful or not) equal to the level of the caster, whichever comes first.

This spell is a favorite of mages who belong to the Society of Light, being found in the Cherev Enoch, though the Grey Elves have their own version as well that supplements their puussant combat magics. It should be noted that the spell is not unique to the Society or the Liandar.

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