Jouneyman’s Hauberk (Mage Spell) (1e)

Journeyman’s Hauberk (Conjuration – Alteration)

  • 3rd Level Mage Spell
  • Range: None
  • Area of Effect: Self
  • Duration: One day per level.
  • Components: VSM
  • Casting Time: 3 Segments

Perhaps one of the most ubiquitous of spells for the adventuring mage, Journeyman’s Hauberk sits firmly between spells like Armour and Shield, and Mantle or Master’s Lorica as a standby of personal protection and utility. The spell has the following properties:

    • Grants an Armour Class of 6
    • Provides a phantom 8 Hit Points, +1 per level of the caster, that absorbs or ablates damage.
      • If these Phantom Hit Points run out, the spell is dispelled.
    • The bearer of the spell benefits from a Protection from Evil enchantment
    • Absorbs Magic Missiles and like eldritch energies
      • This damage “recharges” the phantom hit points granted by the armour at a 2:1 ratio.
    • Grants a +1 to all Saves per five levels of caster
    • Allows the bearer of the spell to Detect Magic by touch
    • Allows the bearer of the spell to Detect Illusion by touch

This spell is notable in that it requires a rather unique and unalterable material component that is perhaps its sole restriction on use by many mages, and that is 100sp worth of Diamond Dust is needed for each casting. This requirement cannot be omitted by the mage, its lack spells instant failure. The spell itself produces no visible effect (unlike, say, Phantom Armour) but it’s effects can clearly be seen or perceived by others when they come into play.  No other protective spells can be used while this spell is in effect. The spell cannot be Dispelled, nor is it removed by Globes of Invulnerability, and is generally only able to be removed by actual anti-magical effects.

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