Blade of Light (Mage Spell) (1e)

Blade of Light (Conjuration – Alteration)

  • 2nd Level Mage Spell
  • Range: Touch
  • Area of Effect: One Blade
  • Duration: 1 Attack per level of the caster, or one round per level of the caster (whichever comes first).
  • Components: VSM
  • Casting Time: 2 Segments

This spell is cast upon the caster’s sword or dagger (commonly the mage’s kris) and increases the base damage by 1d4, +1 per level of the caster, save for half the entire damage rolled. The weapon is treated as a +3 weapon for the purposes of striking creatures only struck by magical weapons  though it gets no actual bonuses to hit, and the caster must still roll to hit with the weapon. Undead and evil spirits take double damage. In the event that this spell is cast without the material component (the sword or dagger) the duration is halved. Casters who are not Initiates of the Society of Light must roll for Spell Failure as if they were missing a component.

It is commonly found in the Cherev Enoch.

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