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The Sefer Ratziel and the Cherev Enoch (1e)

Continuing in the vein of the Codex Magicus, these are the two most common tomes for those mages from the Society of Light and who study within that tradition:

The Sefer Ratziel: Also known as “The Book of the Lord Sc. Ratziel”  The transcribed words of the Lord Sc. Ratziel, Archangel of the Supreme Mysteries and Preceptor of Enoch, this is considered the most basic and at the same most complete book on magic that is used within the Society of Light. Comprised of seven tractates, the book covers a series of basic instructions on not just magic, but the nature of the Heaven and the organization of the Host, and a variety of other esoteric subjects. Most commonly found as series of scrolls, there are printed versions in books that are often organized differently. (XP: 32,000 – Special)

  • 1st Level Spells: Comprehend Languages, Detect Magic, Find Familiar, Hold Portal, Imbue, Light, Protection from Evil, Read Magic
  • 2nd Level Spells: Detect Evil, Knock, Wizard Lock
  • 3rd Level Spells: Dispel Magic, Protection from Evil 10’r
  • 4th Level Spells: Magic Mirror, Remove Curse
  • 5th Level Spells: Contact Other Plane, Dismissal
  • 6th Level Spells: Enchant an Item, Legend Lore
  • 7th Level Spells: Truename, Banishment

The Cherev Enoch: Also known as the “Sword of Enoch” these is a small but dense text that is available to those mages of the Society of Light that also act as the warriors of the Light (as opposed to more cloistered mages). It is not considered a replacement for but rather a supplement to the Sefer Ratziel. Terse in text, the Cherev Enoch is focused on incantations of personal offense and defense, and almost bereft of the sort of spiritual and ethical guidance that is contained within the Sefer Ratziel, as such it is only granted to those members of the Society who are deemed to be suitable for its teachings.  (XP: 15,000 – Special)

The tomes of the Society of Light are written in complex coded allegory, itself in a mixture of Enochian and either Istarian or Kistathian depending upon the source. As such they also depend upon the mystical and occult revelations that come from advancement in the Society of Light to truly understand. Mages cannot gain the experience from spells until they have a level equal to that of the spell, so for a mage to gain the experience for a 4th level spell they must be at least 4th level. For mages who are not members of the society of Light this is doubled if they are attempting to study the tome to learn it’s secrets (in addition to knowing the correct languages).

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